We Asked Amy Shapiro (founder of Real Nutrition) To Select The Perfect Menu This Week To Start The New Year...


Sweet Beet Hummus & Crudités

"This is a no brainer for me. I always recommend my clients have fresh cut up veggies on hand to snack on when they come home from work or while they are preparing dinner!  Waaaay healthier than cheese and crackers and full of nutrients.  2 tablespoons of hummus and veggies is the perfect appetizer that will fill you up without filling you out thanks to the fiber and water in the veggies and the protein and fiber in the hummus.  This will take off your hunger edge and prevent over eating at dinner."


Sesame Sautéed Greens

"I mean, it’s no coincidence that green is my favorite color!  And have you heard, chard is the new kale so I love this side dish.  Greens are probably the healthiest food you can eat and I am always encouraging my clients to eat more of them and to try different varieties.  Full of fiber, low in calories, high in vitamin C, K and folic acid these greens will keep you lean and healthy in 2018. Additionally, the lemon in this recipe will help your body to absorb the nutrients from the greens and the sesame seeds help to fight cholesterol, increase metabolism and prevent heart disease.  This is really a full service dish.  Eat up!"

halibut (1).jpg

Baked Halibut & Radish Top Pesto

"I am always recommending my clients enjoy more seafood as it is high in heart protective fats and protein but low in calories and cholesterol (aim for at least 2x/week).  Halibut is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and a very simple and mild fish so it’s an easy fish for even picky eaters to enjoy. Pesto makes everything taste great too and by using the tops of the radish we are preventing food waste and adding in an additional source of greens. Pesto adds a mild yet delicious flavor to many dishes and is a great way to get kids to try new things.  Family friendly for sure!"

Kale Pesto Rice

"Carbs get a bad wrap but when paired with heart healthy fats, spices and GREENS they are the perfect side dish to any meal and help to prevent cravings and other poor food choices.  Not to mention this is a perfectly balanced comfort food choice!  Kale and Bok Choy are loaded with iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins and minerals and the walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids which are important for heart and brain health.  Enjoy this as a side dish, turn it into a main by adding an egg on top or even enjoy leftovers for breakfast!

meatballs (1).jpg

Mini-Meatballs Marinara

"Red meat gets a bad wrap but it is a great source of iron (our bodies absorb iron from meat more efficiently than it does from plants) and zinc which are both very important to maintain health and wellness especially during cold and flu season.  I usually recommend eating red meat no more than 2x/week but I love that these meatballs also have lentils in them therefore you can eat a larger portion without getting too much meat!  Adding lentils also adds more fiber which means you’ll fill up on a smaller portion and if your kids are enjoying these you’ll be able to sneak in some awesome plant based goodness without them knowing!"

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

"If you know me you know I LOVE dark chocolate and believe it or not, dark chocolate is loaded in antioxidants and therefore a a powerful disease fighter and health booster (true story!).  The simple list of ingredients here is what has won me over, because when done right, brownies are just perfect. Ask your chef to cut your pieces 1/2 the size they normally would because a little goes a long way (and then they’ll last longer!).  If they are too tempting simply store them in the freezer and defrost a few at a time.  I like mine lightly heated and topped with a dollop of coconut yogurt! YUM."