Looking to add a full time chef to your home or business staff? The Culinistas™ can find you the perfect fit. 

We have extensive experience hiring private chefs and will search our network of chefs to find you someone who...

  • Will learn your tastes and create daily or weekly menus based on your preferences (1, 2, or 3 meals a day - even snacks).

  • Can accommodate dietary restrictions, health concerns, allergies, and other restrictions. 

  • Will do your grocery shopping and hand pick the highest quality ingredients based on your likes and needs.

  • Can travel with you (either on occasion or regularly) to second homes, offices, or vacation destinations.

  • Will maintain your kitchen and keep it stocked with your favorite foods.

  • Can potentially handle other jobs, such as pet care or light housekeeping. 

Interested? Find out more.

Contact us to discuss your hiring needs and we can begin the process of finding the perfect chef for you.