The Culinistas is the easiest way to reserve exclusive access to quality private chefs for brunches, dinner parties, BBQs or family fridge stocking for weekly meals in The Hamptons. From designing menus to shopping local, cooking, service & clean-up, we'll take care of all your culinary needs this summer. 

June 21st - September 18th

Summer Packages
Our Summer Packages are ideal for households hosting friends & family this summer.



The Culinistas designs the menu and our chef will shop, cook, serve and clean-up. Additional staff (sous-chef, server or bartender) can be added at an incremental cost, and may be needed for parties larger than 12. The Culinistas will help you appropriately staff each service and determine whether a half or full day is needed.

5 Full Days or 10 Half Days (or combination): $8,000
10 Full Days or 20 Half Days (or combination): $13,000
15 Full Days or 30 Half Days (or combination): $18,000
30 Full Days or 60 Half Days (or combination): $33,000
Additional costs may include groceries, waitstaff, rentals & tax.



- Chef housing & transportation for chefs nearby
- Advanced scheduling (pre-book chef for specific dates throughout the summer)
- Menu development for weekly meals, dinner parties & special occasions
- Event planning coordination (i.e. rentals, waitstaff) for Culinista services
- Client service support
- Seamless payment processing

Summer Membership
Inquire about our membership if you’re looking for weekly in-home meal services and are hosting parties throughout the summer.


The $3,000 membership ensures you’ll have access to a Culinistas chef from June 21st to September 18th for all of your summer mealtime and party needs. With the membership fee, chef rates are:

- Half-Day Rate: $500 (<6 hours)
- Full-Day Rate: $1,000 (+6 hours)
Additional costs may include groceries, waitstaff, rentals & tax.

One-off Request
We cannot guarantee access or availability to Culinistas chefs without a pre-purchased Membership or Package. We will accommodate one-off requests on a best effort basis.

1 Full Day: $2,000 (double the pre-reserved cost)

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