We Asked Actress Lucy Liu To Share Her Favorite Dishes
When She's On-The-G0 (Or On-Set)


Zucchini Baba Ganoush

"One of my favorite savory snacks when I’m working is Baba Ganoush. The smoky flavor of the eggplant and spices with either crudité or almond or seed crackers is a great way to have a little appetizer on the go. The nutrient density of it also helps keep me stay energized and full - it’s also great to share with hungry crew members on set!"

Leafy Greens with Roasted Radishes & Sunflower Seeds

"Even when the weather is cold, it’s always nice to have something fresh and light. If I know I’m going to work out in a couple of hours but want to have something that won’t weigh me down, this salad is my go-to. I also love combining textures so when there is a softer lettuce, the combination of crunch from the radish and seeds is perfectly balanced."


Balsamic Green Beans

"Believe it or not, green beans on set is so easy and it becomes a finger food when I’m running around. The crunch of the green beans also gives me the satisfaction of a crispy snack. Sometime, I will have this with soft boiled eggs for breakfast to make sure I get some greens in to start the day off right."


Rigatoni Bolognese

"I love exercising first thing in the morning and I find that when I have pasta the night before an intense training session, I have a lot more bounce in my step. Pasta is great way to give me energy and help push me through long days when I’m up at 430am to work out. This dish is a classic with the twist of turkey which makes it just a little lighter and that much easier to enjoy. It also reminds me of being a kid which is never bad!"


Classic Cutlets with Tangy Yogurt

"The hours between 2-4pm are when your adrenals are at their lowest (ergo coffee or tea time). If you’re working and can’t take a cat nap, this is a great pick me up. The flavor combination of savory and tangy with the pack of protein hits the spot and gives you everything you need with the added bonus of bite after delicious bite. If I want a heartier meal, I combine this with some warm quinoa."

Banana Walnut Bread

"I have an obsession with cake and bread because my father used to take us to the bakery every Sunday as a treat. This is an absolutely satisfying treat and when made with these amazing ingredients, at least I know it’s packing a nutritious punch."