It's about being free to prioritize. It's about quality of life. 

Cooking weekly, for a special occasion, or full-time, we consider your likes, dislikes and culinary requirements, and then craft a tailor-made menu just for you.  We customize meals to your taste, so you’ll always get just what you want. Request any kind of cuisine, dish or diet and we will prepare it – from completely organic to a selection of dishes inspired by your favorite restaurant, and anything in between. We have Culinista® chefs who specialize in gluten-free, vegan, raw and macrobiotic cuisine - just to name a few. Want to go vegan for a week? We will help you. Coming off of a cleanse? We can help you ease the transition back to whole foods. Do you keep Kosher? We can accommodate you.

The Culinistas™ have no set menus - every dish is designed with your specific tastes in mind.

Based on your dietary preferences and the type of service requested, our hostess will assign a Culinista® chef who best suits your needs and coordinate a convenient day and time for cooking. Before arriving at your door, your Culinista® chef cherry-picks your groceries from some of Manhattan's, Los Angeles’, and Chicago's best markets - ensuring freshness and quality.

Stay home or go out while the Culinista® chefs are cooking.  All we need is access to your kitchen and we’ll do the job. With each visit, our Culinista® chefs will keep fine-tuning their creations to find new ways to delight your palate.

Why The Culinistas™?

  • Every dish for your weekly service or event is customized to your tastes.
  • We handle the planning, the shopping, the preparation, and (yes, hallelujah) the clean up. 
  • We have standardized, flat rates and we bill for food separately so there are never any hidden charges.
  • Regular clients receive discounted catering rates for special events.
  • We work with skilled cooking professionals and work within your budget to ensure you're eating high quality, homemade foods.
  • We encourage your involvement at every step of the process - we want to get to know you to help serve you better. 

Ambassadors and Partners 

Interested in receiving free and discounted weeks of Culinista® weekly chef services? Become an ambassador or partner of The Culinistas™. If you have a group of friends, instagram followers, readers, clients, or fans who you know will benefit from The Culinistas™ or if you have a like-minded business that you believe shares our market, contact us at hostess [at] theculinistas [dot] com to learn about how we can work together to better serve our clientele.