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Fruit Salad Fête

Culinistas Rosewater Apples and Apricots

by The Culinistas

People like fruit, but over here at The Culinistas?  We swoon over fruit salads.

Fruit salads are perfect for any place and time.  Want to brighten up those dark winter days? Try our Rosewater Apples & Apricots.  Need a berry fix? Our Berry Bowl is a crimson vision of blackberries, raspberries, and cherries to cool you down on hot summer days.

The possibilities are endless with fruit salads.  Fruit + fruit + citrus + nuts, seed, grain + dried fruit + citrus… so much mixing and matching. At The Culinistas, we’re a sucker for anything pineapple! Try pears with sunflower seeds and lime for a savory profile or grapes with almonds and raisins for a farm fresh trail mix.

Use the seasons to direct an exciting rotation of your favorites.  We can’t wait to get figgy with it this summer.

Moral? the next time you pick your menu with The Culinistas, add a fruit salad.  As Co-Founder Jill Donenfeld likes to say, “A fruit salad, with a little deliberation behind the making of it, enhances your daily life exponentially.  Eating a kiwi and a slice of honeydew together goes well beyond the sum of the parts. A thoughtfully prepared fruit salad is simply nirvana. You will be blown away; try it.”