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Mom First!

Mother and her two children enjoying a snack prepared by a personal chef around the table.

by The Culinistas

5 Pieces of Advice From Our Favorite Mom Experts 

We gathered with some of our favorite mom experts at Hatch Collection to snack on some small bites and talk all things postnatal.  Jada Shapiro from boober, Domino Kirke from Carriage House Birth, Meredith Melling from La Ligne, and Brianne Manz from Stroller in the City sat for a candid talk about motherhood.  Here are our favorite takeaways:

1. Mom first!  Everyone is going to be gushing over your baby because, let’s face it, mini-you is adorable.  But the one who needs the most attention in the weeks and months after birth is the mama. She’s the one who shared her body for so many months, who has given her all to creating this little bundle of joy, and now her body, mind, and spirit are adjusting back to the way they were prenatal.  If you’re the new mama, make sure to find time for yourself, even if it’s 5 minutes to go to the bathroom in peace. If you’re not the mama, do everything you can to help her out. Get her a snack or offer a helping hand while she takes a shower and washes her hair. Don’t just stop over to “see the baby.”

2. And hey mom, be first by…. asking for help!  You aren’t meant to do this all alone and you are not imposing by asking a friend to pick up some lotion for you, asking your mom to come watch the kids one afternoon so you can take some time for yourself, or even on your partner for an extra set of hands in a crazy moment.  Reaching out to others will not only help keep you sane, but also give your friends and family a sense of purpose and an opportunity to feel included in your life.

3. Gift a service!  Strollers, baby clothes, and baby toys are amazing gifts, but none of that is for the hardworking mama who deserves to be showered in gifts.  Mom needs to be serviced. Whether it’s an in-home mani-pedi, a postpartum doula, or an in-home private chef (we know, we are biased), gifting a service of any sort is the best way to pamper mom, while taking something off of her plate.

4. Utilize your resources to get educated!  Gathering information about motherhood, care for your baby, care for you as a mother, different kinds of birth, and which doctors are right for you is daunting.  The dialogue surrounding childbirth, child care, and motherhood care has developed significantly. Get out there and check out your options! Utilize a doula service, or attend motherhood training classes, check out communities like Hatch and This is Loom.

5. Speak your mind!  Don’t be afraid to talk about pregnancy, women’s health, and postnatal care.  It’s important that you receive the information, help, and care you need to ensure both you and your baby’s health and these questions only get answered through open dialogue.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.