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What is Fennel and Why Do We Love it So Much?

Personal chef prepared Chili Roasted Shrimp and Fennel in a meal prep container.

Everything You Need to Know About Fennel

by The Culinistas

How Can You Use Fennel? 

Fennel, how we love thy, with your own personal zero waste initiative (use the bulb, stems, or fronds!).  Chop it, dice it, julienne it. Slice it on a bias to add variety to crudités, or thinly shave it to add some crunch to your salads.  Or try roasting it to develop a sweet flavor profile that elevates any dish. Toss with some salt and pepper, EVOO, and a bit of lemon juice, throw it in the oven, and take a bite of something as healthy as it is delicious.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Fennel?

Packed with vitamins C, B9, and B6, fennel contains anti-inflammatory properties and assists with immune system functionality.  Another plus, fennel is full of fiber, folate, and potassium, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It’s also packed with manganese and phosphorus.  Manganese is essential for building strong bones, reducing inflammation, and regulating blood pressure. Phosphorus builds strong bones and teeth, filters out kidney waste, manages energy use and storage, and grows, maintains, and repairs tissue and cells.  This veg truly is a great frond to us all!

When is Fennel in Season?

Fennel’s seasonality begins in the fall and lasts through early spring, so it works well with winter citrus, like grapefruit and blood oranges, as well as the first crispy greens of March and April, like peas and radishes. Fennel builds layers of flavor in your stews and brothy dishes, like bouillabaisse and is divine served raw in salads, roasted with shrimp, and grilled and tossed with a tangy goat cheese dressing.