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7 Easy Ways for Busy Mamas to Get Food on the Table

A mother and her two young children enjoying a balanced meal prepared by a Culinista private chef.

How You Can Use The Culinistas To Take the Stress Out of Cooking

by The Culinistas

It’s 7am.  Your kids are running around the house — little heads awry with bedhead, toothpaste dried on their shirts, shrieking voices refusing cooperation.  Finally, you’re able to sit them all down at the table, hopefully long enough to set out some cut up fruit, but definitely not long enough to whip up the nutritious, balanced breakfast you’d like to give them.

You’ve been chatting with your kiddo about turning ten, double digits.  He loves to invent in the kitchen and you want to channel his sugar highs into something productive.  It’s been on your mind but the fractals of adult life minutia have blocked you from thinking this through and now the big day is next week. Who to call, who to call…   

Summer is a time for picnics on the beach, hitting tennis balls, and dipping your toes in the ocean.  The Hamptons means relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Then you remember: in-laws. It’s Thursday and they’re coming for the weekend. You need lunch. You need snacks. You need grilled lobsters. You need help.

Whether for a Weekly Service, a Cooking Class, or a Hamptons Package, we specialize in getting healthy dishes to the table and bringing everyone together; here are a few ways to make the most of our in-home chef services.

1. Weekly Service

It’s not realistic for moms running around with their kids, going to work, or balancing every other household chore to get food on the table.  Head to our website to choose a menu full of healthy, veg-forward dishes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks to suit any dietary need. Schedule your service date and before you know it, your Culinistas chef is grocery shopping for you, cooking in your home, and cleaning up.

2. Occasions & Holidays

Hosting a party is stressful: guest schedules, cleaning and preparing your house, planning an allergy-friendly menu, and finding time to prepare the food.  Cross a few items off of your list for your next party and put The Culinistas on food duty. We will design your menu and your chef will shop, cook, serve, and clean up, so all you have to worry about is having a good time.

3. Dinner Party Prep

Have a dinner party coming up and need some help, but still want to get your hands a little dirty?  You can use our Weekly Service as an opportunity to prep for the party. The Culinistas will shop, cook, clean up, leaving you with all of the tools you need to play the carefree hostess for your guests that evening.

4. Date Night

Can’t leave your kids home for the night, but also can’t bare the thought of missing date night again?  Hire a Culinistas chef for a romantic dinner at home.  We will customize your menu and your chef will shop, cook, serve, clean up, and tip toe out for maximal, uninterrupted alone time.

5. Cooking Class

Need a fun activity to reconnect with your girlfriends?  Need a fun activity for your kids, so you can have a moment for yourself?  The Culinistas offers cooking lessons in your own home. You can select a menu and your Culinistas chef will shop for groceries and teach you, or your kids, how to prepare a delicious meal from start to finish.

6. Hamptons & Aspen Summer Packages

The summer is a great time to take a step back from your day-to-day.  The kids are out of school, having fun at the beach and it’s time for you to enjoy long pastoral days.  We offer our services in both the Hamptons and Aspen during the summer months. Reserve access to quality private chefs for brunches, dinner parties, BBQs, or family fridge stocking for weekly meals & occasions.

7. Postnatal Service

Always prioritizing the health, wellness, and wellbeing of moms everywhere, our Postnatal Service supports new mothers with the nutrition needed during the fourth trimester.  Working closely with these new moms, we offer two menu tracks: nursing moms and a focus on body reclamation. Your Culinistas chef then grocery shops, cooks, and cleans up, leaving you with the perfect postnatal meals to build up your strength and energize your spirit.  In addition to the service itself, add-ons like a Lactation Support Session with boober and a Postnatal Product Concierge Service with King Kidlet are also available.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.