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Aspen Allure: Desserts

by The Culinistas

After hours of hiking and biking and running and rafting, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite. Time for some well-deserved indulging, especially if it’s a special occasion. Be sure to place orders ahead of time to pick up from these bakeries. High altitude baking is a serious science, and these bakeries have it down to an art.

They claim it and locals agree: Paradise Bakery has been famous for its cookies since 1976. Grab an assortment of Snickerdoodle, Blackdiamond, Lemon Zester, or Ginger Molasses after your outdoor adventures to serve along with one of our healthy desserts. Not feelin’ cookie? Go gelato, in Creamsicle or Cappuccino Toffee Crunch -- they’ll be wonderful served over one of our crisps.

We head to Fino and Annette’s for home-made breads and artisanal focaccia to serve with our Romesco Dip, and are always happy to pick up desserts - from Donuts on Thursdays to Snonuts (Aspen’s very own cronut) on Fridays - for our entertaining needs. The couple also specializes in party cakes available to order.

You didn’t climb the Mont Blanc but are still yearning for a slice of France? Head to Franck Thirion’s French Pastry Café. Pre-order party cakes 3 days ahead like a classic Fraisier, Opéra, Paris-Brest, or an exotic Mamandoux, an almond joconde biscuit layered with raspberry & mango mousse. We’ll develop a Francophile menu to accompany.

A little off the beaten track, this hidden gem will reward your bakery-hunting efforts. Louis Swiss is your place for elevated breakfast items: croissants, apple turnovers and donuts that we can pick up to serve alongside a brekky buffet of our favorite savories - Mushroom Frittata, Fish Board, and Avocado Toast.

Whether you’re looking for cupcakes for your little one’s tenth birthday, or for a wedding cake for your daughter’s big day, D'Elissious Cake Studio will provide you with options and customization to ensure your cake is perfect.  Their flavors include Golden Velvet, Lemon & Raspberry, Carrot Cake, and Almond & Espresso.  Are you drooling yet?

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.