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Happy as a Fig in Crisp

by The CulinistasSummer is coming.

Not only are we in the dog days of summer, but we are also in fig season! We consider these next few weeks as one of the most delicious times of year, and quite certainly the most photogenic for your beloved cheese board. 

There is a wide variety of figs, as it is one of the oldest fruits to be consumed by humans. But our favorites are Kadota, Black Mission and Brown Turkish, and we will tell you why we love them so!

Kadota figs have a light green skin with a silky pale pink interior and are have a perfumed quality. They shine when making jams and preserves, and are delicious slightly salted. Kadotas are a great addition to a goat cheese salad or topped on a white arugula pizza for a sweet and salty bite! 

Black Mission figs are extremely sweet, and when they are ripe they sometimes ooze a bit of sticky sweet syrup and feature a jammy, magenta belly. We use Black Mission Figs in our Fig Crostata and pair this figgy delight with a tangy whipped cream that will knock your socks off! 

Brown Turkish figs look similar to Black Mission figs but taste milder than their super sweet counterpart. You can identify Brown Turkish figs as the slightly larger and paler variety to the small and very dark Black Mission figs. Brown Turkish offer a lighter flavor profile and are a wonderful addition to your next cheese board with pecorino, comté, and prosciutto!

A special thanks to Jill Donenfeld for the beautiful photograph.