Once Upon a Lemon Thyme Shrimp in Hollywood

by The Culinistas

Star studded viewing parties call for star studded meals, or at least meals with movie puns galore. Is Cured vs Tamari too far of a leap from Ford vs Ferrari? Two different applications to raw salmon. Ever since the Oscar nominations we’ve been brainstorming; now, we’re ready to roll out the red carpet and get to planning the perfect viewing party.


Snack on Brad Pitted Olives and Oranges while you take note of the red carpet looks. Castelvetranos are our favorite olive variety; to take it to the nines, make a rosemary infused oil and mix your olives, rosemary oil, fried rosemary, and supremed citrus together for a colorful, tangy treat. Now back to business. Since when did Timothee Chalamet get so fashionable? How has Brad Pitt aged so well? And who did you say Florence Pugh was dating?

The Main Feature

Set up a bountiful buffet and encourage your guests to fill up a plate before the ceremony begins. We’d start with a salad of Shaved Broccoli and Margot Kohlrabi; throw in some more of those orange supremes for sweetness and cashews for crunch, the perfect Marriage Story. You’ll need a grain, so we recommend JoaQuinoa Phoenix. Our favorite quinoa dish this season features roasted parsnips, sauteed kale, charred onion, and plenty of fried sage/sage oil. For the headliner , we stick to seafood, our recipe for Al Cioppino rivals Umbertos, starring clams, cod, yellow squash and basil. Once Upon a Lemon Thyme Shrimp in Hollywood is a flavorful crowd pleaser, shrimp shells are cooked down to make a stock, shrimp is poached in the broth and finished in a pan with onion, thyme, and meyer lemon.

Happily Ever After

Looking for a Bombshell way to end the evening? Brown Butter Pecan Blondies are the answer, nutty and decadent, they won’t last long on your dessert table. We recommend supplementing with a medley of So-Cal Citrus; not being in Hollywood never stopped anyone from pretending they are.

A special thanks to Black Iris for the beautiful photograph.