Culinista Kitchen®

Supreme Season

by The Culinistas

This week at The Culinistas HQ we’ve been playing citrus roulette. We’ll pick up a variety of peak season citrus from the market, lay it out in the same serving bowl, and snack throughout the day. You never know if you’re grabbing a cara cara, a blood orange, or a murcott mandarin.  Only when you start peeling and tasting do you identify your treat. It’s a gamble of a snack break, and it’s reminded us to remind you, to incorporate more high dose Vitamin C citrus into your diet this winter. One medium orange will provide you with your daily dose and the zest and juice will take any recipe to the next level. Added bonus, a squeeze of orange juice on spinach helps your body absorb the iron content of those leafy greens. Looking for lemon & lime luck? Search for Meyer lemon, which provide a smooth lemon flavor, or varieties like yuzu and kaffir lime, which will layer nuance into any dish. dishes all over the globe. Below are some of our favorite citrus fruits to keep an eye out for at the market this month. 

Blood Orange

Known for its blood colored juice and flesh, these oranges are more tart than their cousins. Especially good in crunchy salads with fennel and good olive oil, and in semolina cakes. 


These little guys are incredibly sour and commonly found in marmalade, which helps temper their acidity. We love kumquats sliced thin and added to salads for a punch. We also bake them with feta & a drizzle of rosemary oil.


You’ve eaten them halved and bruléed at breakfast time; why not eat them all day long? Use the supreme method to achieve beautiful pith-less slices and add to sauteed bok choy, ginger and chives for a bright side dish.

Cara Cara

Cara Cara’s are closely related to navels and have the same colored flesh as a grapefruit. They are not nearly as sour and carry a slight berry flavor. They are seedless, making them the optimal desk snack.


Spot a tangelo at the market by the protruding button towards the stem. A hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit, tangelos are sweet, tart, and incredibly juicy. They fall out of season in February, so now is the time to pounce.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.