Culinista Kitchen®

International Inspiration

by The Culinistas

When we recipe test, we look far & wide for inspiration. Whether it’s an ingredient, spice, or flavor combination, every cuisine is ripe for discoveries. Below, we’ve brought the world into your kitchen with these dishes.

Green Vegetable Pozole

Trips to Sayulita and CDMX left us wanting zippy soups in the fridge all the time. Our version of the traditional hominy, chile, and onion soup gets a boost of hearty veg from zucchini and ample leafy greens. The garnishes may just be the best part with cilantro and radish topping the list.

Green Rice

Fluffy rice is met with sauteed kale and bok choy with a saucey kale pesto. The secret ingredient here is timut, a szechuan variety of peppercorn commonly found in Nepalese cooking. It’s tingly, a little spicy and carries a front note of citrus making it the perfect addition to earthy Green Rice. A timut based finishing pepper can be found in our spice set.

Calabrian Cauliflower

Co-founder Tiana’s all time favorite Culinistas dish, Calabrian Cauliflower leans heavily into cuisine found at the toe of the boot. Spicy fried soppressata, thinly shaved pecorino, red onion, and parsley give a punch to otherwise mellow cauli florets. Ample lemon juice keeps it bright.

Muhammara Dip

Tangy, nutty, sweet, and salty all at the same time! Middle Eastern Muhammara starts with roasted red peppers and is thickened up by torn up pita, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses. Serve it as a dip, or as part of a mezze spread.

Mushroom Pho

Noodle soup is always a hit, and pho is one of our all time phavorites. This Vietnamese classic starts with a clear broth, developed with spices, herb stems, and all sorts of veg (our favorites for winter are mushroom and swiss chard). Garnishes are the stars: bean sprouts, basil, and jalapeno are classics. For our spice loving clients, we recommend creating your own chile crisps.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.