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How To Spend Less Time In The Grocery Store

by The Culinistas

Grocery shopping has become a once a fortnight occurrence for many, and optimizing your precious time in the store is key when thinking about the health and safety of yourself and those around you. After years of cooking in homes, we’ve gleaned many insights on the grocery shop and how to keep it quick and thoughtful. Below are our suggestions.

Same Ingredient, Two Ways

Preparing beforehand goes beyond writing a grocery list. When thinking about what meals you’ll be cooking throughout the week, try to use the same ingredient in multiple ways to maximize your grocery bounty. Roasting carrots on Monday? Save the tops and make a simple pesto for Tuesday nights pasta dinner. The less ingredients you have to search for, the quicker your shop will be.

Prepare To Make Swaps

Think through any substitutions and swaps ahead of time, so you can easily carry on should an ingredient be out of stock. You’ll find some helpful subs in this recipe feature, and this one too!

Streamline Your Grocery List

We recommend organizing your grocery list to mirror the lay out of your grocery. Bunch all of the produce together, then move on to bulk items, dry goods, frozen items, etc. Thinking this way beforehand may also spur recipe inspiration or remind you of items you’re missing at home.

Consider Local Farms

For canned goods, and other shelf stable items, a grocery store will certainly be your best bet. But nothing beats getting produce straight from the source, check out this resource for small farms across the USA delivering or offering contactless pickup, plus apps like Natoora and Misfits Market. Cut the produce section out of your shop, and you’ll be saving loads of time.

Support Small Businesses By Purchasing Staples

No need to lug around heavy bottles of olive oil, bags of coffee, and boxes of salt when you can order online from small businesses. We’ve curated an olive oil three pack for that exact reason. We always have Jacobsen salt, Seed + Mill Tahini, Parlor Coffee, and Seemore Sausages on hand as well.

Thank you to Nadia Agsen for the beautiful photo.