Enter the Feed Your Brain Giveaway

by The Culinistas

Living in an unpredictable, pandemic ridden time can wreak havoc on your brain, worsening memory, mental health, and stress. Luckily we thought ahead and we’ve curated the ultimate brain boosting prize bundle, worth over $800.

The Prizes

3rd Ritual EARTH + SUN Aromatherapeutic Blends ($64 value)

10 Grove Blind Feel Test Gift Set ($75 value)

Avocado Mattress Two Avocado Green Pillows in a size of the winner’s choice (Up to $218 value)

The Culinistas Studio Candle ($50 value)

Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein ($100 value)

Pearl Street Caviar Tank, Tote and Flight Trio ($121 value)

Qi Alchemy Mother Earth Pearls and Vegan Full Moon Pearls ($75 value)

Seed + Mill Tahini Jar, Halva Trio, and our Za’atar spice blend ($60 value)

Y7 6-month subscription for Y7 Online ($100 value)