Culinista Kitchen®

Berried Treasure

by The Culinistas

You’ve seen them in Michelin-starred restaurants. You’ve seen them on Eater. Oishii’s Omakase Berries are more than just fruit — they’re treasures: impeccably beautiful, extraordinarily delicious. 

We sat down with Oishii to get the inside scoop on what it takes to grow the perfect strawberry.

What makes Oishii strawberries so special?

Here at Oishii we grow a Japanese varietal of strawberry called the Omakase Berry. We grow them in the world’s first and largest indoor vertical strawberry farms that allow us to cultivate this fresh fruit all year round. 

During a short period of winter these berries grow wild at the foothills of Japan’s Alps. We bring technology and nature into harmony – soft rain, mild heat, warm light and buzzing bees – to replicate the elements of a perfect day in Japan. The berries are grown to peak ripeness and then harvested by our highly trained farmers who know the exact shade of red to look for. 

It’s quality, not quantity, we’re after. This practice lends to a concentrated and delicate sweetness that lingers long after the last berry has been eaten from the bowl. 

What’s something you wouldn’t know about Oishii strawberries just by looking at them?

Our Omakase Berry is a unique Japanese variety characterized by its beautiful aroma, exceptional sweetness, signature seedless appearance (they do have seeds, though!), and creamy texture. Oishii is on a mission to grow not only the most delicious, but also the cleanest berries in the United States. Zero pesticides are used in the growing process and we pride ourselves on rigorous quality control standards to bring you a berry that is perfect inside and out. 

How can we pay homage to all this work?

Step 1: Rest your Omakase Berries to room temperature and allow the sweet aroma to envelop the room (if enjoying at a later time, store the berries in the fridge).

Step 2: Take a moment to appreciate the berry. Let your senses take it all in, from the bright color to the exquisite strawberry fragrance.

Step 3: Bite into the Omakase Berry and truly savor the burst of sweetness followed by the melt in your mouth creaminess each berry delivers.

What are the best ways to utilize the berries?

We enjoy our berries accompanied by bloomy rind cheeses, dry sakes, and Japanese oolong tea. For more pairing suggestions visit

What’s next for Oishii? 

Our goal is to reach as many people around the country as possible and share how fruit is meant to taste in its optimal form. Oishii believes fruit deserves better. That people deserve better. We’re working hard to expand our operations, so keep an eye out for us in other cities!

Order Omakase Berries via Oishii retail partner Eli’s Market’s Home Shop service, either by calling (212) 423-0129 or emailing Eli’s delivers in Manhattan, to the Hamptons, and via special arrangement to Westchester and Brooklyn.