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Side by Side: How to Pair Your Main

by The Culinistas

​​Pairing a side with a main is more than just “this goes with that” — there’s a why in there. So, we tapped our culinary director DyAnne Iandoli to walk us through pairing one of our fave all-year-rounder dishes, our Horseradish Baked Salmon, with a side for each season to see how the pros do it. 

This dish is a fan favorite because salmon is an evergreen fish that can be paired with a variety of seasonal sides all year round. Pairing fish with a heartier vegetable is always a good idea to make a meal feel whole.

For the fall months, we rely on our Cauliflower & Pomegranate Salad for the perfect combination. The tangy sharpness of horseradish loves flavors like mustard, lemon & mint, and this side features all three. Perfect pairing aside, we always consider brightness from herbs & acid: citrus or vinegars, when cooking with fish. 

When winter comes around, our newly revamped Squash Panzanella is the way to go. Bitter radicchio & creamy acorn squash marry seamlessly with each other — and with horseradish! Plus, the pop from pomegranate seeds will lend sweet relief from the spice. For next day’s lunch, try flaking leftover salmon into the panzanella & plating it over a schmear of the horseradish yogurt. 

Asparagus is the king of spring. Our Grilled Asparagus & Capers is a dish destined to be paired with its queen, Horseradish Baked Salmon. The neutral, earthy flavor profile of asparagus is livened up with so many counterparts! Rowdy horseradish, salty capers, spiced watercress, sharp whole grain mustard & acidic lemon. A dish combination so balanced that it’s fit for royalty. 

Summertime & this pairing is easy: TOMATO SALAD. While a tomato seems to be on every table in the summer months, it’s not everyday perfection is paired. And while yogurt & tomatoes may not seem like a likely couple, the tart-creaminess of the horseradish yogurt & burst of bright tomatoes make so much sense! This time of year, try grilling the salmon rather than baking; fresh horseradish will sharpen the char!

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