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Cool as a Cucumber Skewer

by The Culinistas

This appetizer is the ultimate umami bite and its less than 10 minute prep will keep your kitchen chill. Both colorful and classic, ours put the s in skewer.
Our spice blend packs black & white sesame seeds and red chili flakes to hit both heat & a nutty richness. Our pro tip? Mix the sesame chili spice blend with hot olive oil to turn it into an a la minute chili crunch. Or, add a dash of soy sauce to the sesame oil marinade.

Tuna & Cucumber Skewers


– A little sesame oil goes a long way. Use sparingly.

– Mini cucumbers are more manageable when using a mandoline.

8 oz tuna steak, sliced

4 persian cucumbers, thinly sliced lengthwise

Sesame chili blend

1. Slice cucumber lengthwise to create thin ribbons, using only the outer sides of the cucumber with the skin.

2. Slice tuna into small rectangles. Toss tuna & sesame oil to marinate.

3. Weave the skewer through the cucumber & tuna.

4. Garnish with sesame chili blend.

Sesame chili blend is a chef’s secret weapon. Check out our eComm shop to purchase our favorite brand included in our Chinese Spice Trio.