Postnatal Services


Our postnatal service ensures new mothers are nutritionally supported during their fourth trimester.
Postnatal nutritionists and lactation experts helped to curate menus for any maternal need.

Culinista Postnatal service is ideal for:

Having healthy home cooked
meals for new moms
and their families

Gifting to expecting friends
or family

Feeding friends & family
coming over snuggle, ogle,
ooh and ahhh


Select A Package

We offer packages starting in three week increments
with menus focused on lactation & self care.

We Do The Cooking

Twice a week your private chef will grocery shop, meal prep from start to finish in your home, stock the fridge with ready to eat dishes, and clean up.

Take Care of You

Enjoy having all meals covered: for mom & for
mom’s support team, too.

What our clients have to say

Hannah Goldfield

“The Culinistas' postnatal package managed to exceed my high expectations. The chef was completely lovely and unobtrusive and the smells coming from the kitchen when she was cooking were heavenly. Each of the six dishes I chose (a tough decision when everything sounded so good, though the website was very easy to use) struck the same perfect balance of being nutritious, vibrant, filling, and satisfying. It was such a delight, at a moment of life when even the most cursory meal planning felt impossible, to simply open the fridge and find so many things that I was genuinely excited to eat and knew would be nourishing and easy on my recovering body. Each dish, which mixed and matched beautifully, was wonderful whether straight from the fridge, at room temperature, or heated up, and there was enough of everything to get me through an entire week with very little else. I felt truly taken care of and would recommend The Culinistas to anyone.”

Want Our Culinista Chefs In Your Kitchen?

Questions about this service

Culinista Postnatal services are available in New York City as well as upstate, Westchester County, Fairfield County, CT, Northern New Jersey, the Hamptons, the D.C. metro area, Los Angeles, and Aspen. If you need a chef in a different location, email and we'll try our best to source a chef for you.

Twice a week your chef will grocery shop, prepare meals from start to finish in your home, and clean up. Menu selection is a customizable process and our dishes are easy to mix & match throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

3 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $1,500
6 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $2,800 ($200 discount)
12 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $ 5,500 ($500 discount)

We will deliver a Welcome Kit before your first visit — a few kitchen essentials & a few goodies we love. Chefs will prepare six dishes during each visit.

Additional costs include groceries, tip, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

Available Add-Ons:

Sip & See Brunch $1,000
Everyone wants to see your baby. Between the feeding schedule, naps (for you and your little one, we hope), and figuring it all out, you might consider setting aside dedicated time to efficiently show off your baby, so you can get back to family bonding. Invite up to twelve people to gather for brunch or a casual dinner; The Culinistas will curate and cook (and serve and clean up) some star dishes to make the party extra special.
Additional costs include groceries, tip, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

Date Night $500
Date night may feel out of the question for a set of new parents who can’t imagine peeling themselves away from their newborn. Let’s bring the date vibes to you. This at home dinner for two is exactly what you need to take a breath and connect with your partner. The Culinistas helps you curate a menu, and then we shop, cook, serve, clean up, and tip toe out for maximal, uninterrupted alone time.
Additional costs include groceries, tip, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

Menus are completely customizable and can fit all dietary needs from gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free, to “I already have a picky kid at home!” Our dishes are easy to mix & match throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

No. Our chefs shop locally, sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients, and cook each week’s dishes in your own home, with a specific understanding of maternal needs, from nutrition to privacy. No delivery coordinating. No wasteful drop off packaging. No mystery off site kitchen.

Culinista Kitchen® dishes should last you half a week, or about 3-4 days. Our dishes are designed to be mixed and matched and eaten throughout the week, so portions are relative to how each household is using each dish.

We offer three portion sizes: small (feeds 1-2 people), medium (feeds 3-4 people), and large (feeds 5-6 people). For example, a small portion would feed 1-2 people over 3-4 days. Clients choose a portion size based on household size. You can also portion per dish based on your family’s desire for more or less of a certain dish (want more of our Lemon Thyme Shrimp and a single serving of the Cod with Ratatouille? Not a problem.).

Our chefs have extensive experience working in the homes of private clients and know their way not only around a client’s kitchen, but how to work mindfully in a client’s home, from working quietly to giving a client space if they need to pop in the kitchen to grab a bottle or snack. Chefs are carefully vetted through in-depth screenings, personal interviews, culinary evaluations, and have completed a background check. 

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.


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