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We are honored to help you with your fourth trimester and are humbled by your strength and resolve; The Culinistas is here to make sure that you are being looked after and getting the nutritional support you need.

The Culinistas’s Postnatal Package Options

Twice a week your chef will grocery shop, prepare meals from start to finish in your home, and clean up. Menu selection is a customizable process and our dishes are easy to mix & match throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

3 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $1,500

6 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $2,800 ($200 discount)

12 weeks (2 chef visits per week) $ 5,500 ($500 discount)

We will deliver a Welcome Kit before your first visit — a few kitchen essentials & a few goodies we love. Chefs will prepare six dishes during each visit.

Additional costs include groceries, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

See below for available add-ons

Available Add-Ons:

Sip & See Brunch $1,000

Everyone wants to see your baby. Between the feeding schedule, naps (for you and your little one, we hope), and figuring it all out, you might consider setting aside dedicated time to efficiently show off your baby, so you can get back to family bonding. Invite up to twelve people to gather for brunch or a casual dinner; The Culinistas will curate and cook (and serve and clean up) some star dishes to make the party extra special.

Additional costs include groceries, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

Date Night $500

Date night may feel out of the question for a set of new parents who can’t imagine peeling themselves away from their newborn. Let’s bring the date vibes to you. This at home dinner for two is exactly what you need to take a breath and connect with your partner. The Culinistas helps you curate a menu, and then we shop, cook, serve, clean up, and tip toe out for maximal, uninterrupted alone time.

Additional costs include groceries, a $15 travel reimbursement, and tax.

Postnatal Product Concierge $500

Don’t have time to create a baby registry? Don’t know where to start picking products? Don’t know what types of products you need? Look no further. This Postnatal Product Concierge from King Kidlet provides you with a private consultation to determine which postnatal products are best for you and your family. Discuss your functional needs, style & preferences, and King Kidlet will hand-select the best products to streamline & enhance your transition to motherhood.

Lactation Support Session $375

Nursing is individual — each woman develops her own relationship to it and her own needs around it. Whether breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, or some combo, personalized help early on can reduce common pitfalls, ensure that your baby is getting properly nourished, and remove stress and anxiety around feeding. Let this Lactation Support Session from boober help you get feeding off to the best possible start!

What to Expect in a 90-Minute Session:

-Personalized care with Level 1 Lactation Professional in the comfort of your own home

-If breastfeeding is already going well, your Lactation Professional will help with tips and fine-tuning to keep things rolling smoothly and promote good milk supply.

-If you’re having any trouble, your LP will help you work on a good latch and ensure that feeding is comfortable for you and baby alike.

-If you’re exclusively pumping, combo-feeding, or bottle-feeding, this visit will include tips and address any questions you have.

-Gain confidence as a new parent and learn to trust yourself.

-Learn to avoid common pitfalls.

-You’ll have time to ask all the questions you want.

-Currently available in the greater NYC area (including Westchester County, Nassau County, Jersey City, and Hoboken). We can arrange for Hamptons in summer; travel charge applies.

Transition to Motherhood Package $675

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to being a mother? You’re not alone. To start, this boober Transition to Motherhood Package includes a 6-hour visit with a postpartum doula who is also a Level 1 Lactation Counselor.

This package can include:

-Basic infant feeding support

-Newborn soothing, swaddling, and baby care techniques

-Breastfeeding support and instruction

-Infant soothing skills

-Coping skills for new parents

-Making appropriate referrals when necessary

-Help with sibling adjustment

-Accompanying mother and infant to doctor appointments

-Mothering the mother

Longer day and night shifts available a la carte; additional charges apply.