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For households that don’t quite need a full time private chef, we offer shared resource Culinista chefs who
can work in your household multiple days a week in a more custom capacity.

A Culinista Shared Chef is ideal for:

Busy households who need a more customized solution than our standard weekly service

Families who have demanding culinary needs but don’t want to commit to full time staff

Households who want occasional table service


Tell Us What You Need

Share your culinary needs & cadence, be it meal prep three days a week or a bespoke family meal two nights a week.

We Match You With A Chef

We source one of our carefully vetted Culinista chefs who is an expert in your culinary preferences.

Plan Your Menu

Work directly with your personal chef for meal planning needs.

Let’s Eat

Enjoy meals throughout the week with your household, customized to your needs and preferences.

What our clients have to say

Dina C.

“We are so grateful for The Culinistas! When we listed our happy things for the year The Culinistas was in both my husband and my top 3 happy things.”

Want A Culinista Chef In Your Kitchen?

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Questions about this service

Culinista Kitchen® Share A Chef services are available in New York City as well as upstate, Westchester County, Fairfield County, CT, Northern New Jersey, the Hamptons, the D.C. metro area, Los Angeles, and Aspen, but they are excited to travel. Email and we'll try our best to source a chef for you.

A shared resource chef works with a pod of 2-3 families, splitting time to service each family for 2-3 days per week. We help build a schedule that meets the needs of each household in the pod.

Shared Chef pricing typically starts around $400/day, depending on your needs. Select markets and specific household needs may be priced higher.

Our goal in sourcing a chef for your household is to find the right chef with the right experience and expertise. We work with our clients to understand their needs, from household size to service style to dietary requirements, and then work with our extensive network of Culinista chefs to find the right match.

Our Culinista chefs have diverse backgrounds, from nutrition certifications to regional specialty experience. They have cooked in some of the world’s best restaurants and have years of private chef experience. Their degrees range from the Culinary Institute of America to Cornell‘s elite hospitality program.

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