"How thankful I am for The Culinistas.  I’ve had two of the busiest work weeks of my life. One of the biggest reasons that I’ve been able to be so productive is because I know that when I come home I have delicious food in my fridge to eat.
Better than I could eat out or order in." Jeff, client

"After this experience, I would not even think of entertaining without The Culinistas.  I certainly wouldn't bother to cook...not only was the food vastly better than anything I could make, it was just lovely to have these adorable young people popping in to the dining room with more delectables from time to time, and giving my loud guests a break.  It added so much to the party." Lisa, client

"The service brings together skilled chefs who customize the meals to your liking, revolutionizing the meal prepping game." Refinery29

"The chef was great! Our family LOVED her and the food was AMAZING! I will definitely be reaching out soon for your services again! Thank you for making the process so seamless for us!" Neela, client

"We are thrilled with everything! The food is delicious and coming home from work after an exhausting week, with a baby to put to put to bed, to see my fully stocked fridge was just about the greatest thing ever." Eliza, client

They’ve become a hit among the fashion set, working with designers and executives alike, as well as men and women looking both to entertain or just have their day-to-day meal prep be one less thing to think about. WWD

"Thank you ever so much for such a wonderful evening. The staff was very professional and the food was magnificent - everyone was raving about it and there was plenty to go around." Andy, client

"What a fantastic evening! Every mouthwatering dish was a surprise to the palate! Incredible flavors and balance between courses. The wine suggestions were fun to try and were perfect for the dishes. I only wish I could have this meal every week! We all want to thank you for your hard work and great evening all around!" Shawn, client

Hosting Dinner Parties Isn’t Just for People Who Can Cook Bloomberg Business