Your culinary needs. Our Culinista chefs.

The best private chefs, cooking in your kitchen.

We work with a selective group of private Culinista® chefs to offer services for all culinary needs.
Our client services team handles all logistics, from staffing to scheduling.

Our Culinista® recipes are vibrant, balanced, and customizable for any occasion.

Popular Services

Weekly Meal Prep

Our personal chefs handle the shopping, cooking and clean
up, filling your with fridge with customized, restaurant quality
meals cooked in the privacy of your own home.


Our postnatal service ensures new mothers are nutritionally supported
during their fourth trimester. Postnatal nutritionists and lactation experts helped to curate menus for any maternal need.

Gatherings & Events

Hire a private chef for your next gathering or event customized to your needs, from a birthday dinner for 10 to a cocktail party for 40.

Share A Chef

For households that don’t quite need a full time private chef, we offer shared resource Culinista chefs who can work in your household multiple days a week in a more custom capacity.

Full Time Chefs

Want home made meals 24/7 that your entire family will love? We will find the right personal chef for your household’s lifestyle and culinary needs.

How We Are Unique

Our Chef Vetting Process

We vet our chefs’ culinary acumen as well as their innate understanding of hospitality through a rigorous interview process that includes screening for professional experience, culinary skills, and character. We also conduct a background check to ensure safety.

Our Culinary Innovation

We pride ourselves on working with private chefs who cook restaurant quality food that feels homemade, with a focus on depth of flavor, ingredient transparency, balance and variety, minimal food waste, and ease of preparation for the client.

Our High Touch Customer Service

We use humans — not an algorithm — to listen to our clients’ goals so that we can arrange the service that best fits your needs. The result is a seamless service tailored to you.

Want to be part of
The Culinistas team?

The Culinistas works with top private chefs across the country. We’re
not just looking for chefs who can follow a recipe, we’re looking for
individuals who anticipate needs and who always find an opportunity
to go above and beyond for a client.

Apply to be a Culinista Chef

What our clients have to say

Gwyneth Paltrow

“I rely on The Culinistas to streamline an integral part of my family’s lives. We’ve had many an engaging conversation, lively discourse and spirited dialogue over Turkey Bolognese (or Chimichurri Chicken, or Pea Panzanella..) at the dinner table, and I’m convinced we’re better humans for it.”

Gail Simmons

"[Our chef] did an awesome job and was so incredibly efficient. I was totally impressed with his speed, skill and knowledge, and of course he was super friendly and easygoing. Plus, the food is all AMAZING! My daughter gobbled up the zucchini nuggets and turkey bolognese for dinner, we had salmon and broccoli salad, with a little of the lentil and quinoa salad too, and it was delicious. Such a luxury to have all this fresh, beautiful food in the fridge for the week and none of the stress of having had to shop for and cook it on a busy Monday.”

Dana Cowin, formerly Food & Wine

“I believe magic happens when we eat together. Which is why I fell in love with The Culinistas. You can imagine after having been spoiled by decades of eating out for work, I definitely want a break in the cooking schedule from time to time. The recipes are clean, uncomplicated and still interesting.”

Hannah Goldfield, The New Yorker

“The Culinistas' postnatal package managed to exceed my high expectations. The chef was completely lovely and unobtrusive and the smells coming from the kitchen when she was cooking were heavenly. Each of the six dishes I chose (a tough decision when everything sounded so good, though the website was very easy to use) struck the same perfect balance of being nutritious, vibrant, filling, and satisfying. It was such a delight, at a moment of life when even the most cursory meal planning felt impossible, to simply open the fridge and find so many things that I was genuinely excited to eat and knew would be nourishing and easy on my recovering body. Each dish, which mixed and matched beautifully, was wonderful whether straight from the fridge, at room temperature, or heated up, and there was enough of everything to get me through an entire week with very little else. I felt truly taken care of and would recommend The Culinistas to anyone.”