Our personal chefs handle the shopping, cooking and clean up, filling your fridge with customized, restaurant
quality meals cooked in the privacy of your own home.

Culinista Weekly Meal Prep is ideal for:

Busy families who want healthy home cooked meals prepped in their kitchen

Families who prioritize eating clean without having to worry about menu planning

Catering to multiple picky eaters


Create Your Profile

Choose your household specifics including scheduling,
portion size, dietary needs, and allergens.

Tailor Your Service

Choose from our rotating weekly menu and tailor each
dish to your preferences, from gluten and dairy free to
kid friendly or vegan.

We Do The Cooking

Your private chef exclusively shops, cooks and cleans
up for you in your own home so you know you’re
getting what you asked for.

Let’s Eat

Open up a fridge filled with homemade meals to be
mixed and matched, so everyone gets what they want
the way they want it.

What our clients have to say

Gwyneth Paltrow

“I rely on The Culinistas to streamline an integral part of my family’s lives. We’ve had many an engaging conversation, lively discourse and spirited dialogue over Turkey Bolognese (or Chimichurri Chicken, or Pea Panzanella..) at the dinner table, and I’m convinced we’re better humans for it.”

Dana Cowin

“I believe magic happens when we eat together. Which is why I fell in love with The Culinistas. You can imagine after having been spoiled by decades of eating out for work, I definitely want a break in the cooking schedule from time to time. The recipes are clean, uncomplicated and still interesting.”

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

“As a time-starved executive and mother of two, I absolutely loved the convenience of The Culinistas, as did my whole family. During a busy week of work, I so look forward to coming home to a delicious and customized meal prepared by an always delightful Culinistas chef. I have also come to rely on The Culinistas when we host dinner parties at home.”

Jeff M.

“I’ve had two of the busiest work weeks of my life. One of the biggest reasons that I’ve been able to be so productive is because I know that when I come home I have delicious food in my fridge to eat. Better than I could eat out or order in. Thank you, and thank you for pairing our Culinista with me. She is awesome.”

Erica M.

“I was thrilled with the service and have been enjoying the meals. Our Culinista was amazing -- friendly, professional and of course a very talented chef.”

Kelly S.

“The Culinistas is just the best. They come to your home, cook food, clean up and leave food for the better part of the week. Each week they have different specials and they have a large list of dishes you can choose from. They also always have "family favorites," which cover the basics like spaghetti and meatballs. You will see lots of healthy options as well. I love them.”

Eliza A.

“We are thrilled with everything! The food is delicious and coming home from work after an exhausting week, with a baby to put to put to bed, to see my fully stocked fridge was just about the greatest thing ever. We are looking forward to our next visit from our Culinista!”

Alexandra S.

“Your service has really been fantastic for helping me to introduce more foods to my kids, and it makes dinner time so relaxed because all I have to do is open up the fridge...and I get more time to play with them and enjoy our time together. I’m super excited to have the same thing waiting for me after we are all exhausted from skiing all day.”

Jesse N.

“Our Culinista was amazing, and the food is SO SO GOOD! I’ll never tell my mom this, but I have a new favorite Chicken Noodle Soup. After a week of traveling, this was the PERFECT thing to have come for the week.”

Geoff B.

“Your house recipes are outstanding and I continue to be confounded that my Culinista pulls off 6 dishes with such immaculate perfect knife work in such a short period of time. The concept is executed perfectly and my Culinista is an outstanding chef! Bravo to your whole team.”

Arlyn D.

“We have been BLOWN AWAY by both our Culinista and the service in general. We are hooked and never want to go back to any sort of other eating/cooking again.”

Want Our Culinista Chefs In Your Kitchen?

Questions about this service

Culinista Kitchen® Weekly Meal Prep service is available in New York City, the D.C. metro area, and Los Angeles. If you need a chef in upstate New York, Westchester County, Fairfield County, CT, the Hamptons, or a different location, email q@theculinistas.com and we'll try our best to source a chef for you. We service these markets seasonally & upon request.

Weekly service starts at $250. Additional costs include groceries (dependent on size & dish selection), tip, a $15 travel reimbursement for your chef & tax. Select markets may be priced higher.

Clients choose from a library of 500 dishes that rotate weekly and can be customized to your family’s needs. Our chefs specialize not only in regional cuisines but come equipped to handle various dietary and nutritional needs. Whether your household has a severe allergy or is gluten free, we have a chef with the right expertise for your needs.

No. Our chefs shop locally, sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients, and cook each week’s dishes in your own home. No delivery coordinating. No wasteful drop off packaging. No mystery ghost kitchen.

Dishes should last you half a week, or about 3-4 days. Our dishes are designed to be mixed and matched and eaten throughout the week, so portions are relative to how each household is using each dish.

We offer three portion sizes: small (feeds 1-2 people), medium (feeds 3-4 people), and large (feeds 5-6 people). For example, a small portion would feed 1-2 people over 3-4 days. Clients choose a portion size based on household size. You can also portion per dish based on your family’s desire for more or less of a certain dish (want more of our Lemon Thyme Shrimp and a single serving of the Cod with Ratatouille? Not a problem.).

Our Culinista chefs have diverse backgrounds, from nutrition certifications to regional specialty experience. They have cooked in some of the world’s best restaurants and have years of private chef experience. Their degrees range from the Culinary Institute of America to Cornell‘s elite hospitality program. We vet their culinary acumen as well as their innate understanding of hospitality through a screening, a cooking interview, a background check, and a robust onboarding.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.


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