Paella pan on grill with peppers, clams, and saffron rice
10 Totally Unique Dinner Party Menus

Send out the invites, a feast awaits.

So you want to throw a dinner party, you have a purpose, but you don’t know what to cook. Our menus go beyond the classics (though there’s nothing wrong with a roast chicken, and we’ve got a menu for that). Our goal is to make a gathering memorable by making the intangible element of delicious food completely tangible. We choose food by season, region, or culture to create a cohesive menu. We know how to balance flavors as well as the pacing of the night through the dishes we select and the dining format that we suggest. Get adventurous yourself, or let a Culinista chef cook one of these lineups. Either way, these spreads are destined to impress and leave you and your guests dreaming of one more bite.

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