A Crystal Ritual

Founder of The Cristalline, Rashia Bell.

by Rashia Bell, The Cristalline

The soothing energetic properties of rose quartz promote self-love and compassion. Helping to relieve stress, crystals serve as a reminder to always come back and connect to oneself. It takes some time to find your equilibrium as a new mom. The energy within crystals allows us to connect to the energy of the earth and how the stones were created, and this energy can be extremely grounding.

There is no right or wrong way to work with your crystals. It can be as simple as holding your stone in your hand while you’re nursing, putting your little one to sleep, or going to bed. Allow yourself to connect to your breath. Tap into the energy of the stone and the new nurturing energy that is flowing within you. Your body will start to resonate. As mothers, one of the most important jobs you have is in maintaining your own well-being, and crystals are a beautiful way to create a simple mindfulness practice that you can pass along to your baby through energy and routine.

The Cristalline is a multifaceted lifestyle service to help you create balanced energy within all aspects of your life. Rashia Bell is an energetic interior designer and crystal healer.