Fourth Time’s a Charm

by Meredith Melling, La Ligne

Products For Baby

With each of my pregnancies comes a greater calm and confidence in my ability to navigate life with a newborn. And, with each of my pregnancies comes a renewed excitement for all the amazing new (and tried and true) products that make this time as comfortable (and stylish!) for my baby and me as possible.

Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet 

The Snoo is new for me. Not only do I love the name (sounds straight out of a Dr. Seuss book), but I decided to get it on a tip from my sister-in-law, who declared it “a gift from the sleep gods.”

Bugaboo Stroller

I have been using Bugaboo strollers since my thirteen year old was an infant. I love taking my baby out for long walks around NYC and this is a great city stroller.

Oeuf Crib

We still have India’s Oeuf crib which will now become Emerson’s. I love the minimal design.

Monte Como Glider

I love this chair, even when I’m not nursing or calming a newborn. I still sit in it when I’m reading to Wolf and India. It’s so comfortable!

Tiffany Hair Brush 

I get each of my children something monogrammed from the Tiffany baby silver collection. I love the idea of each of them having this as a future heirloom/memento from childhood.

Stokke Bath 

It collapses! I can get behind anything that conserves space!

Spectra Pump 

Efficient and…QUIET!

Makié Baby Clothes

Makié is my favorite spot for baby and toddler clothing. They have the chicest color palette, prints, and simple silhouettes.

Atelier Choux Multipurpose Blankets €33

I am personally not that comfortable breastfeeding in public, so when I do I like to stay covered. I am excited to try these blankets as breastfeeding covers. I adore the whimsical prints.

Lands Downunder Blanket (with Monogram)

I can’t get enough of baby blankets. They are so versatile, whether for warmth, emergency diaper change, or tummy time. I love that you can monogram this one.

LL Bean Boat Tote 

Everyone in my household has their own monogrammed LL Bean Boat Tote for weekend travel (even my three dogs have one that is monogrammed “Pups”).

Etsy Custom Hand-knit Sweaters

I love to hunt down hand-knit sweaters for children on Etsy.

Products For Mom

I remember the first time I heard it called the “fourth trimester.” I was pregnant with my first and totally green about what to expect once the baby arrived. The “fourth trimester” was challenging for me; I was no longer pregnant, but not back to my old self. I was in a fog, albeit a joyous fog. With my subsequent pregnancies, I have discovered several things that have helped me get through this transitional period, some practical, some comforting, some sentimental, and some simply a stylish pick-me-up.

7AM Enfant Polar Warmmuffs

Since I love to take my newborns out for long walks (before I’m allowed to go back to the gym to exercise), these are a lifesaver in the winter months!

JEM + BEA Margot Bag £ 295

I used to buy regular tote bags and use them as diaper bags because I did not like any of the styles that have previously been on the market. But regular totes don’t often have that essential waterproof lining or as many pockets as one needs. So, I love that the design of the Jem + Bea bags doesn’t scream diaper bag, but has all the practical components.

Artipoppe Carrier €289

This is not only comfy for baby, but a little fashionable pick-me-up when you can’t be bothered to wear anything but black stretch.

Hatch Onesie $278

This was a staple during my pregnancy and I just purchased a new one for the “fourth trimester” because it’s so practical and chic.

Storq Leggings $60

The most genius leggings. Again, I wore these throughout my pregnancy and I can definitely use the tummy support they provide well into my fourth trimester.

DÔEN Lovisa Nighty $188

Since I spend so much time at home with my newborns, I love to step up my pajama game a bit.

DÔEN Sol Dress $305

This is my before, during, and after pregnancy dress. One of the greats! And it comes in so many colors!

Heritage Jewelry NY Family Circle Pendant $2,500

I wear this necklace all the time and I never, ever travel without it. It makes me feel like I have all of my most important people with me at all times.

LNDR Exercise Eight Eight Leggings $148 *

I wear this necklace all the time and I never, ever travel without it. It makes me feel like I have all of my most important people with me at all times.

*Since these are sold out, these are a great alternative

Jenni Kayne Tan Shearling Mule $395

I wear these as a slipper AND a shoe. When I have a newborn, I am too lazy for laces!

Meredith Melling is a mother to four beautiful children, wife to husband, Zachary, and the co-founder of La Ligne, a clothing line for the stripe obsessed.