Hand-Selected Products & Services

Gail Simmons and her new born child.

“People would ask me nonstop: what do you need, what can I get you? My answer as a new mom is always: I need a sandwich! I don’t need another onesie, another stuffed animal, towel, or blanket. I’m hungry and tired and can’t figure out how to get to the grocery store, let alone how or when to cook (regardless of my professional knowledge). All I need is a giant sandwich (or bowl or salad or frittata or piece of chocolate cake — you get the idea.). So thank goodness for The Culinistas in so many ways! My prayers have been answered.” 

Gail Simmons, food expert, TV host & cookbook author

“A piece of advice that has always stuck with me is to trust yourself and your instincts. No one knows you or your baby better. There’s a ton of noise and chatter and judgement and opinions out there and it’s easy to fall into self-doubt when you’re exhausted and everything about this stage of life is so new, so fraught with questions and details and uncertainty. But listening to your heart, your baby, and your own instincts is the best way to parent, always. The rest will come with time and practice.” 

Gail Simmons, food expert, TV host & cookbook author

by Gail Simmons, food expert, TV host & cookbook author

Below is a list of products and services I loved for pre and postnatal care, as well as some of my favorite baby products.

Hatch Mama Beauty Belly Oil $58

A luxurious blend of essential oils that I slathered on my growing tummy, and all over my body, after every shower to keep my skin hydrated and super soft! The chic glass bottle and packaging make it a great mama gift, too.

Hatch Mama Beauty Hair Strength and Shine Oil $38

My hair was amazing, full, and thick during pregnancy and the first few months after my babies were born, but I had a ton of hair loss after about 3 or 4 months. Although it’s completely normal, it’s also totally jarring. This oil helps protect hair from the damage caused by daily styling and dryness, helping it grow back faster and stronger. I rub a few drops into wet hair before drying. A little goes a long way.

Naturopathica Gotu Kola Balm $44

Great for dry skin and preventing stretch marks.

Countertop Foods Mother Honey $19

I added it to tea, oatmeal, yogurt and granola, warm almond milk, smoothies, soups, and roast veggies.


An NYC-based, mom-founded flash-frozen organic baby food company, which comes in pre-portioned sizes and in great combos that can be easily cooked and puréed or left in chunks for baby’s first foods. Super convenient and fun.


A subscription-based company for baby learning toys and educational tools for 0 to 12 months. One of the best gifts I received with so much great info to help moms learn how best to play with their babies.

Beyond the Bump NYC

An amazing postpartum doula and baby & mom guru. She leads a ton of super useful mom classes on feeding, sleeping, parenting, lactation, etc. I love following her on IG for all the relevant content she posts. It’s as if she reads my mind on baby needs.

Happi Tummi $ 20

A homeopathic baby colic relief wrap.

Zoli Chubby Gummy Teethers $12

Smartly designed chewy silicone teethers for sore gums and teething. Perfect for babies to easily hold themselves (they resemble a pacifier with a little handle) and gnaw on as needed. I take them with us everywhere.

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottle $15

This is the next generation baby bottle that’s better than plastic and lighter than glass. It functions as a toddler water bottle for when your baby grows.

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea $6

I had a cup every night as a ritual to calm, unwind, and focus.

Gail Simmons is the Special Projects Director at Food & Wine and a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. She is the mother of two children.