Words of Wisdom

by Melisa Melling,

“My secret weapon against a tired baby fighting sleep: the stove fan. They are powerless against it! Make the kitchen dark and walk back and forth in front of it — works like a charm.”

“The best advice I can give new mothers: ask for help! You aren’t supposed to take care of a child (or more than one child), yourself, and your house all by yourself. Haven’t you heard? It takes a village! Whether that is arranging for childcare so you can take a nap, a shower, clean up/do laundry, or food shop/meal prep, having family and friends pitch in will massively improve your sanity. By taking care of yourself and your needs, you will be a better mother to your baby. It’s the same philosophy as the oxygen masks on an airplane: put your mask on first so you can better help your child. It just works out better for everyone when the adult is conscious.”

“Aquaphor not only protects your baby’s bum from diaper rash, it also makes a fantastic lip balm and eye makeup remover.”

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Melisa Melling is a busy mom of three, living in Brooklyn, working in finance, and sharing her love of family, photography, travel, style, wellness and design on her lifestyle blog, Atherley Lane.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.