Culinista Kitchen®

Guide to Food Styling


We emphasize the importance of veg-forward ratios for color and texture.


No Waste, Whole Products

Utilize every part of an ingredient, both to reduce waste, as well as to add texture, flavor, and depth to our dishes.


Knife Cuts

Consider bite sized pieces & dramatic slices. Visualize who is eating the food and how each bite will sit on a fork or on a platter.



Add moisture & shine via sauces & pestos.



EVOO drizzle creates pools to capture light, but also adds essential flavor. Try making an infused herb oil and utilizing the fried herbs as a garnish.


Spice Garnishing

We utilize 9 versatile spices, elevating the flavor profile of every dish.  Spices used should also feature on top.


Baby Leaves, Nuts, Seeds & Citrus

Use the baby leaves, buds, tender stems, toasted nuts & seeds, and strips, peels & zest of key ingredients in a recipe as a garnish.



Find a serving vessel, whether for formally plated or family style dinners, that is complementary in color, size & shape.  Choose with the same attention to detail as selecting ingredients & the cooking process.


Heat Map

Char veggies, brown proteins over high heat, and lean into grill marks on bread for visual texture, as well as rich depth of flavor.


Color Palette

Shop the rainbow — for crudités platters, roasted vegetable medleys, and any dishes that feature produce that comes in myriad shades.


Food styling is at the core of creating beautiful, healthful dishes that everyone wants to eat. Our dishes converge at beauty & flavor, embodying our core culinary tenets: Veg-forward, Balanced, Healthy, Innovative, Elegantly rustic, and Comforting. Below, we have organized our Guide to Food Styling, which plays a key role in establishing these tenets within our dishes.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photographs.