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A Guide to the Union Square Greenmarket

A variety of fresh vegetables, nuts and dairy from the Union Square Market.

Shop At The Union Square Greenmarket Like a Culinista

by The Culinistas

Whether you go once a week or once a month, incorporating the in-season produce, freshly baked breads, locally farmed cheeses, fish from the Atlantic, and wild flowers from your nearest Farmer’s Market into your routine is both an inspiring and functional act.

Reasons to shop at your local Farmer’s Market:

  • To support local food vendors
  • To shop seasonally
  • To connect with your community
  • To reduce your carbon footprint: These foods are not transported as far and less food is wasted through these smaller vendors than on a larger, more corporate scale
  • To get the most out of your foods: Most vendors offer organic products that maintain a high nutritional value, since they haven’t been tampered with through the use of harmful pesticides
  • To encourage the humane treatment of animals: Eggs, meats, and cheeses coming from these local farms often originate with animals that were treated and raised in humane living conditions

The Union Square Greenmarket

The Union Square Greenmarket has been around since 1976 and each year continues to grow.  At peak Farmer’s Market season, around the spring and summer, there are around 140 vendors who travel from surrounding areas to sell their products to over 60,000 daily shoppers.  Sitting on the North and West sides of Union Square Park, the market is open all year-round on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from about 8am to 5pm. If you’re planning on doing some decent shopping make sure to go as early as possible!  Farmers can sell out of their products and leave early, or they can sell out of the high quality ingredients that you wanted to get your hands on.

Each day, the line up of vendors changes.  Depending on the growing schedule of a farm’s crops or the baking schedule for different bakeries, their availability and accessibility to quality products sometimes varies per day, so they take certain days off in order to maximize their product.  These vendors don’t stop at selling produce or breads, however. Find an array of spices, liquors, meats, cheeses, and florals as well. Just make sure to bring cash because a lot of vendors don’t accept card.

In addition to all of these vendors, the Greenmarket also houses a Food Scrap Collection for composting, a Clothing Collection for donating clothes, as well as a GrowNYC Grainstand for educating individuals on the importance of growing locally and sustainably.  The market also offers weekly events and activities, like cooking demonstrations or pop-ups, so be sure to check their website to stay up to date on everything that is available.

Our Favorites

She Wolf Bakery Start off the week with a simple Sourdough or Miche.
Norwich Meadows Fantastic organic produce; we’re partial to their radishes, kale, and spinach.
Quarton Farm The greatest beans of any kind- fava, pinto, and wax beans.

Willow Wisp Another great organic produce vendor.
Two Guys Woodbridge Fulfil all of your leafy or micro greens needs here.
Lost Bread Two words: hominy biscuit.  Another two words: milk bread.
Martin’s Pretzels They only have one kind of pretzels and we constantly have them in stock on our snack counter in the office because they’re great.
Eckerton Hill Farm The perfect place for peppers, tomatoes, and squash, in their respective seasons.
Bodhitree Farm For anything from lettuces and edible flowers to Japanese eggplant and refined herbs, like shiso, opal basil, and French tarragon.

She Wolf Bakery Get your weekend fix of Toasted Sesame Wheat or Sprouted Rye.
Compo Rosso – Play favorites with your chicories: endive, radicchio, or frisee.
Two Guys Woodbridge Our two guys are back and restocked with their leafy and micro greens.

Two Guys Woodbridge They just can’t stay away!  And you won’t be able to either!
Eckerton Hill Farm Still the perfect place for peppers, tomatoes, and squashes, when they’re in their respective seasons.