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Call Me By Your Grain and Other Love Stories (About Meal Prep)

Six labeled meal prep containers of varying sizes with chef prepared meals from The Culinistas weekly meal prep service.

How to Meal Prep like a Culinista

by The Culinistas

We hung out with our friends over at the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg and learned about some common concerns people have surrounding meal prep.  When life gets busy, grocery shopping and cooking are often the puppies left at the pound. But meal prepping is a great way to avoid laying in bed at night with your stomach grumbling.  So…

Find a grain you want to call by your name.  Rice, quinoa, wheat berries, and even pasta can take a matter of minutes to cook and will last you for the entire week.  Want to add a little extra flavor? Throw some salt and bay leaves into the pot to infuse your grain with extra flavor.

Use the same veggies in multiple ways!  Roasting, baking, poaching, blanching, sauteing, grilling, steaming, the possibilities are endless.  Take your broccoli. Blanch half of it and toss with a little miso. Roast the other half simply with a flavorful olive oil, kosher salt, and lots of freshly cracked black pepper.  You’ll have two very different flavor profiles, perfect to help you mix it up throughout the week.

Get yourself a protein that will last in the fridge!  Chicken and beef will hold up well throughout the week.  Shrimp, sea bass, and salmon are among the fish that stay freshest the longest, but their life is shorter than poultry and red meat, so eat them first.

Combine all of these ingredients and you’ll have yourself some great meals throughout the week that won’t take any time out of your day.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photographs.