How to Party Like a Culinista

Nine women gathered around a beautiful meal, cheersing!

4 Tips on Throwing the Perfect Dinner Party

by The Culinistas

We spoke with Atelier Dore about ways to throw the perfect dinner party and there are some pretty important things you need to know going into a spring of hosting on rooftops and a summer of BBQs. Here are a few tips we’ve collected and perfected after throwing thousands of parties and after Jill wrote a book about it.

1: Gather for fun & connection

Time spent together fosters a lifetime of thoughtful, insightful interactions. Think about who you want to spend time with, get to know better, catch up with, ask a few specific questions to. Think about who may benefit meeting each other. Build an invite list around those questions and you’ll surely pull together a great crew.  A party is all about having fun; as long as you’re having fun, those around you will too. People are coming over to see you, not your party throwing skills. And we’re here to menu plan, grocery shop, cook, serve, and clean up.

2: Set the mood

There’s a lot that goes into a dinner party, even if we’re taking care of the food!  Fill out your bar. Our favs? Casa Dragones Tequila, a dry white wine, and Square One Vodka.  Set the music. Co-founder Jill’s favorite? Reggae always sets such a pleasant mood. Consider the lighting: dim, candles, soft. You want everyone to look their best! Flowers — low, small bouquets so everyone can see each other at the table.

3: Menu for all

Plan a menu that has gluten and dairy free options. It’s a fact that this is how many people are eating. Be inclusive. Your goal is to foster connection, not discomfort. Our formula: a vegan dip, a salad, a protein, a vegetable, a carbohydrate, a fruit salad, a sweet treat.

4: Goodie Bags

Send your guests home with a little treat — a muffin, a bag of granola, some high quality toasted nuts, a special pear you found in Chinatown. It’s extra thoughtful & memorable.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.