Why You Should Host Gatherings First Thing in the Morning

Annie Evans hosting a breakfast gathering of twenty women.

by The Culinistas

Our pal Annie Evans knows the secret to hosting the best gatherings:  Schedule them for the morning and serve homemade food and freshly brewed coffee.  We’ve had the honor to assist Annie in arranging these events and have become strong believers in breakfast blowouts.   Here are three advantages of hosting at dawn.

AM Attitude Adjuster

There is power in seeing a friend first thing in the morning or engaging in meaningful conversation before you get to work.  Your feelings shape every experience; don’t discount the influence of positive energy and a Mushroom Arugula Frittata on your day.

Conscious Thinking

Whether you are hosting or attending a breakfast event, you’ll start the day with more deliberation. From waking up early and scheduling out your day, to getting dressed and doing your hair in the morning, to leaving time for a morning stroll to the event, you will be actively participating in each moment of your day, both physically, mentally, and hopefully emotionally, too. Good practice. Stay present.

A Proper Meal

Carve out some sacred space to eat a meal at the start of the day. Set the bar high for yourself in the early hours. It will influence what you eat the rest of the day.

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.