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Guide to the Malibu Farmers Market

by The Culinistas

Our co-founder Jill Donenfeld considers Malibu her second home, having lived there on and off since 2009. The Malibu Farmers Market features prominently in her perfect West coast day. The market occurs every Sunday from 10am until 3pm and is ideal for setting the tone for a beach picnic. Says Jill, “my Sunday at it’s max includes a surf session at first point, tennis in the colony, farmers market, beach picnic with friends until sunset, shower and redeye back to NYC.”

Here are her market highlights:


The very best almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and macadamia come from Vision Sprouts. They are activated & sprouted, meaning soaked to keep living enzymes in the nuts so nutrients can be more easily absorbed into the body. Besides the health benefits, the taste of these nuts is beyond delicious. By far the best nuts I’ve eaten in my life.


From the farm stand called Living Water Farm. Juicy. Huge. Medjool.


Eggs from Omma Garden. From a local Malibu farm called Kaliko, named after the matron of the house. These multi-color eggs come from lovingly raised chickens who aren’t just free range, but who truly have free rein of their environment. It’s a privilege to have access to this high quality eggs.

Peaches & Melons

Jacy Farms carries the best Korean melons & donut peaches. They are seasonal at the moment but visit this stand for sweet apples in the fall. Always very many samples, too.

Flatbread, Spreads, Dips

Natural Combo has an instantly addictive and (I think) healthy flatbread stuffed with spinach. It is supposed to be heated and crisped up but we always bring it onto the beach and eat it cold. We pick up other items from this stand, too: cauliflower hummus, white bean salad, beet-dyed sauerkraut, and other spreads.


It’s fig season. California is the spot. AZ Ranch is another local spot in Malibu, up Kanan. They lost a lot in the fire, including hundreds of fig trees but they still have an incredible yield this year from the surviving stable. They are also an apiary and have delicious local wildflower honey.


I am partial to the Vita Juice stand and always get the pineapple drink with coconut and lemon and turmeric. I have tried the others and like them — the only-green juice, the celery juice, and the strawberry made with coconut probiotics. I always get pineapple, though.

Avocados from the stand closest to the library

They sell baby avocados which is a novelty for us east coasters. So cute & fun to eat a whole avocado in a few spoonfuls.