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Guide to Chelsea Market

by The Culinistas

A West Side gem, Chelsea market is a shopping and eating destination not to be missed. If the array of delicious snacks, spices, kitchenwares wasn’t enough, the proximity to The Highline and The Whitney seals the deal. Below are our must hits for a day at the market.

Seed + Mill

A shrine to sesame! Seed + Mill serves up some of the best jarred tahini around (we keep a jar in our office fridge at all times.) Halva is available in flavors like Pistachio, Chocolate & Orange, and Rose Oil. But the best selection has to be a cup of creamy, nutty, Salted Caramel Tahini Soft Serve.

The Lobster Place

One of the very first Chelsea Market tenants, The Lobster Place is a premium destination for sourcing quality seafood in the area. Not only can you purchase a wide variety of fish, clams, oysters, and of course, lobster, but a seat at the omakase or raw bar is highly recommended.  Visit the C&P Galley in the back for clam shack fare like lobster rolls and crab cakes.


Minzon is a fantastic fast casual joint towards the back of the market, perfect for a quick lunch. They specialize in whole roasting cauliflower over an open flame, delicious on its own, or in a pita with tahini, scallions, and chilis

Los Tacos No. 1

We guarantee a line at the Los Tacos No. 1 truck, but it’s well worth the wait. The menu is simple, with only four taco varieties, a perfect excuse to order one of each. Tortillas are pressed on site, a site to see in and of itself. Keep an eye out for the tucked away sister spot Los Mariscos that serves up ceviche and fish tacos.

Manhattan Fruit Market

Located in the cellar, take a quick trip to the fruit market to stock up on produce.  The selection is robust; the prices are reasonable. They began as a director to restaurant supplier so you can rest assured that the quality is top.

Pearl River Mart

So you’ve eaten your way through the market, congrats! Before a long lay in a Highline lawn chair, it’s time for a souvenir. Hit Pearl River Mart for everything from ceramics and paper goods to apparel and toys. Check out the selection of small bowls, but be warned, you’ll have a tough time selecting just one favorite.

Thank you to Covering the Bases for the beautiful photo