Culinista Kitchen®

Ingredient Inspiration: Leeks

by The Culinistas

Someone call the fix it man, we have leeks!

In fact, the market is overflowing with them. An all around amazing allium, leeks take on the flavor of a mild onion making them an excellent pantry pick for December. The important thing about prepping your leeks is to spend the extra few minutes cleaning them. Since leeks have many layers, grit and debris are likely to get stuck in between the cracks. First, slice off the dark green tops (instead of tossing, use them to add flavor to your stocks!) Slice the light green stalks and give them a soak in some cold water to remove any dirt.

Gently sauteeing leeks in a splash of olive oil with some hard herbs is one of our favorite preparation methods. Hard herbs? Like rosemary & sage! Add other delicate veg like spinach and a flaky sea bass to round out a perfect weeknight meal. Leeks are also perfect in quiche, soups, and pastas. And, if you’d like leeks on hand for the everyday, try the confit method: cook leeks with herbs, oil, and butter low and slow for 45 minutes. Use your confit mixture topped on grain salads and proteins alike.

A special thanks to The Spruce Eats for the beautiful photograph.