Recipes & Cooking

Seasonal Soups

by The Culinistas

Prepping for the week is our specialty, and if there’s one thing we know it’s that having soup stocked for quick heating and eating is the best winter meal hack. Short on soup inspo? Here are our favorites.

Escarole & White Bean Soup

Start with a zippy, lemon-forward broth, and add fennel for an allium-sans-allium effect. Beans, greens, and orzo join the pot to bring a heartiness that makes this soup ideal for power lunches and weeknight dinners. Punctuate with lemon zest.

Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower isn’t just for roasting and ricing! Consider a creamy soup. Our suggestion is using aromatics like shallots and peppercorns (timut is our favorite) in a coconut milk base, to add depth in flavor. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The key to getting a flavorful broth in your chicken tortilla soup is using poblano peppers. Milder in flavor, but still smokey and delicious, poblanos are best when chopped and sweat with onions and garlic. To up the smoke factor, char them directly on the grill or grill pan. Up your tortilla strip game by slicing fresh tortillas and frying them with cumin, onion powder, and cayenne.

Mushroom Pho

Noodle soup is always a hit, and pho is one of our all time phavorites. This Vietnamese classic starts with a clear broth, developed with spices, herb stems, and all sorts of veg (our favorites for winter are mushroom and swiss chard). Simmer the broth and package separately from the cooked noodles, so you can easily heat and enjoy. Garnishes are the stars: bean sprouts, basil, and jalapeno are classic or you could spice things up by creating your own chile crisps

Winter Tomato Soup

Our take on a traditional classic starts with making an oregano infused oil (It’s simple: Fry the oregano in good olive oil until the herbs get nice and crispy.) Use the oregano oil as the fat for your base: onion, canned tomato, a parmesan rind, and spices.  After simmering, remove the rind and blend the soup until smooth and creamy. Place crispy, fried oregano on top, and eat with a grilled cheese, or a great piece of crusty bread.

Green Vegetable Pozole

A classic Mexican soup of hominy, chile, and onions often incorporates meat like pork or chicken. For a veg heavy version, use a hearty squash like zucchini and ample leafy greens. Our friend the poblano makes another appearance, alongside garnishes like cilantro and radish.

A special thanks to Nadia Agsen for the beautiful photo.