by The Culinistas

As far back as we can remember, we’ve always wanted to eat burrata. A beautiful burrata board marks an opening salvo equivalent to Henry Hill’s at the Copacabana. Heads turn, the festivities have begun. In the summer, our burrata nestles up to grilled peaches, juicy heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil. But who said burrata is only a summer treat? To keep the creamy mozz flowing all year round, we developed a winter burrata spread fit for a Don. The best part? It’s seriously simple; here’s how to make a burrata board no one will be able to refuse.. 

Your burrata spread should remain super seasonal, meaning each one will be different.  Arrive at the market ready to explore. Ask questions. Pick up a variety of fruits, cured meats, breads, herbs, nuts, and seeds that will compliment your cheese, color- and flavor-speaking. Winter fruits are some of our favorites: citrus, apples, pomegranate, and husk berries frequently grace our winter boards.  Bresaola, prosciutto, and spicy sopressata are excellent choices for cured meats. We always include a variety of hard crackers and soft breads. It’s always nice to have those extras in the pantry anyway. Nuts and seeds provide texture and ornamentation. For the star of the show, we typically recommend picking up one burrata for every 2-4 guests. (New Yorkers: Eataly, DiPalo’s and Murray’s carry the top notch stuff)  Make a hard herb infused oil (we love rosemary!): Fry herbs in a pan over medium heat & let infuse about ten minutes off heat, set both your herb oil and the fried herbs aside for garnish.

To assemble, place your burrata in different sections of a large platter. Start by surrounding your orbs with segments of cut fruit, meats and crackers followed by nuts, seeds, your crunchy fried herbs and herb oil. When slicing up your bounty of fruit, keep your knife cuts varied for a rustic looking board. Purse each slice and arrange in bunches. No need to spend hours perfectly placing each and every walnut; use nuts like sprinkles. Crack fresh black pepper on your burrata followed by an herb oil drizzle all over the arrangement.  Now go home and make your own! 

A special thanks to Nadia Agsen for the beautiful photograph.