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Valentines Day Checklist

by The Culinistas

The hallmark day of an excuse for snuggles and love is upon us; here’s your checklist for the perfect date night celebration.

A Unique and Romantic Floral Arrangement

Whether you’re in New York, LA, The Hamptons, or Aspen, flowers for Valentine’s Day are a must. Pick an arrangement based on the mood of your celebration. If whimsy is your romance vibe, try magnolia and alliums. If the evening is all about classic sweeping off your feet, a mountain of gardenias should do the trick.

A Handwritten Love Letter

Thank your partner for all the ways they’ve enriched your life. Beautiful stationary takes things to the next level. 

Playlist of Your Partner’s Favorite Songs From High School

Queue up the nostalgia. All good playlists tell a story; consider tempo, volume, and tone. Give your special someone everything they want: Pavement, Bebe, Gainsbourg, Otis — whatever mood means to them. 

Candles Flickering On the Coffee Table

Your brain’s olfactory gland is what spurs the highest amount of memory recall. Reflect back on your relationship and choose a scent to usher in the reminiscing. 

A Bottle of Chilled, Sultry Vouvray

For the start or the end of your meal. Vouvray serves notes of pear, honeysuckle, quince, and apple, and paris well with both charcuterie and desserts.

Dinner at Home

Prepared by your Culinistas chef! Our Valentine’s Day menu features a Think Pink Salad with radicchio, grapefruit and radish, Grilled Lobster, and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. Your chef will shop, prep, cook, and clean up, so the only finger you need to lift is the Come Hither.

A special thanks to Nadia Agsen for the beautiful photograph.