Culinista Kitchen®

Cookware Brands To Check Out

by The Culinistas

The Tried and True


With milky, pastel colorways, elegant handles, and non stick surfaces, we store Caraway pots/pans on the oven to show them off (especially the large stock pot!). The ceramic coating is non toxic, follows environmentally friendly production practices, and of course is non stick allowing you to fry an egg or flip a pancake with ease. 


When you’re looking for a pot that’s excellent at conducting and distributing heat, you look to Staub. The French cast iron cookware brand is renowned for glossy stock pots, skillets, and au gratins. We’re partial to the mini’s, perfect for fondue, or petit Spinach Artichoke Dips and Tomato Baked Feta’s.

Equal Parts

Equal Parts sports sleek cookware and cooking advice. All purchases come with 8 weeks of “Text a Chef” services, for all your pressing q’s. Since Equal Parts is the child of creative tech agency, Pattern (previously Gin Lane) you can count on a top notch brand experience.  Here at HQ, we’ve been loving their lightweight metal mixing bowls and beautiful designed colander. 


For all your sleek Scandenavian cookware needs, look no further than this multipurpose Sarpaneva cast iron pot. The woodsy Finnish inspired design looks great on the stove or on the table. Jill has had this pot for a decade and uses it for everything. 


Bialetti approaches cookware from an Italian perspective. Large pasta pots come complete with a colander-esque lid for easy straining, and their Moka stovetop espresso maker is a simply designed classic. We’re a fan of the non-stick granite series of pots and pans, or should we say Granito.


Consistency is key with All-American cast iron brand Lodge (did you know they’re a fifth-generation family owned company?). Excellent quality and a reasonable price point make Lodge skillets a perfect gift for those who haven’t delved into cast iron. Plus, mini skillets are helpful (and adorable!) for tiny cornbread.


Stainless steel skillets, say it three times fast. Sardel pans are our go to for searing steaks or beautiful pieces of fish. Check out the 4 quart version for stews and braises.

Field Company

The story of Field Company is a story of dedicated, at times obsessive research, all in the name of functional, beautiful cookware. The result? Five cast iron skillets built with vintage models in mind. Various sizes and cast iron accessories are also available.

The Ones We Can’t Wait To Try

Great Jones

Tagline “Ready To Ware” says it all about Great Jones, an NYC based cookware brand adored by the food and fashion set alike. Great Jones products include baking sheets, “Saucy” sauce pans, and large “Dutchess” ovens in bold primaries and stainless steel. A new color: Marinara dropped last week as an ode to old school Italian red sauce joints.

Made In

Made In is all about carbon steel, the type of pan used in restaurants worldwide. Le Bernardin and Chicago’s Alinea are big fans, they even teamed up to contribute to the Made In cookbook-zine.

A special thanks to Abi Polinsky for the beautiful photograph