Culinista Kitchen®

Tips For An Eco Friendly Kitchen

by The Culinistas

Steer Clear of Single Use

Try to limit the amount of single use plastics you’re using day to day. Instead of plastic wrap, try beeswax paper and swap out regular parchment paper for the compostable variety. Lots of products come in pretty packaging that can be repurposed, even if it means tearing off a label or two, so keep an eye out for jars, boxes, and other containers that could be turned into storage. Invest in a good set of glass containers to carry your lunch and snacks day to day.

Carry Out

Invest in reusable bags. Whether it be for shopping or storing produce. Not only are they more visually appealing  (and washing machine safe!), due to the newly enacted NYC plastic ban they’re a money saver.

Soak it All Up

Stock up on very absorbent dish towels for drying in addition to dish rags so you’ll never have to use a paper towel again!

Buy Local

By supporting local farmers and growers, you’re investing in your community. Local produce has a lower carbon footprint since it’s traveled only a couple miles to get to you. Farmers markets should be in your rotation anyway for the freshest produce around. Interested in their farming processes? Ask questions! 

Total Utilization of Ingredients

Once you have your ingredients, think about how to use them “nose to tail” so you’re limiting the amount of food waste you produce day to day. Carrot tops? Make a pesto. Broccoli stems? Shave them down, chop them up, and add them to salads for crunch. Chicken bones? Veg Scraps? Save them for a flavorful stock.


Now for the food waste: it’s inevitable that you’ll create it, but imperative that you’re thoughtful about it. Composting may seem like a heavy lift, but even a little goes a long way. Invest in a surprisingly chic countertop compost bin to lock in smells. Or, freeze your compost to minimize your trips to the dropoff sites. Click here for a list of compost dropoff sites in NYC. 

A special thanks to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photograph.