by The Culinistas

Decorating and hunting for eggs with the young ones is surely the best part of Easter (even if this year you’ll have to get extra sneaky while hiding eggs around the house). In our opinion, making brunch with the leftover eggs is a perfect post-hunt treat. Below are our favorite applications.


Frittatas are one of the easiest egg dishes to make, and they’re a perfect vehicle for veg on their last legs, that hunk of parmesan that’s been in the fridge for ages, and those extra strips of bacon leftover from yesterday’s breakfast. Mushroom Arugula is an ace combination, as are roasted red pepper & kale and spinach & feta. You’ll be saying tada, frittata in no time. 

7 Minute Egg

Few things are better than a jammy yolk. The key to a medium boiled egg is to shock it in an ice bath right after you take it off the heat, to stop the cooking process. Jammy eggs are great atop salads, toasts, and crispy grain bowls. Check out our method below. 

7 Minute Egg
Serves 3 to 6
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 7 minutes

6 large organic, cage-free eggs
water, for boiling

  1. Place eggs in a pot with room temp water filled one inch.
  2. Bring water to a boil and then cover pot while still boiling. Let boil 7 minutes.
  3. Strain the water and transfer the eggs to an ice bath or run under cold water for one minute.
  4. Once the eggs are completely cooled, peel and eat.

Soft Scramble

There are two tricks to a successful soft scramble. After you crack your desired number of eggs into a bowl, you want to whisk as much air into them as possible, hold your bowl to the side and whisk for longer than you think, long passed when the whites and the yolks are completely blended together. Salt your mixture, then pour into a nonstick pan on low-medium heat. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the pan and keep the mixture moving as it cooks and forms small curds. Low and slow is the name of the game. The result? Creamy eggs sans cream!

Egg Salad

Egg salad has a stinky rep but they can be bright, herbaceous, spicy, and light; simply cut the mayo. For die hard egg salad fans this may seem like sacrilege (sorry, mom), but if you cook your eggs to the runny side of jammy (follow the recipe above, but cook for 6 minutes instead of 7), you can use the yolks as your binding agent. Add plenty of lemon juice & zest, fresh herbs, whole grain mustard, and chorizo if you partake, and you’ve got yourself a filling, delicious lunch best eaten with bibb lettuce, or toast.

Banana Pancakes

Two eggs, whisked + one ripe banana, mashed = the easiest pancake recipe on the planet. We recommend sprucing up the mixture with some warm spices like cardamom and allspice and a splash of vanilla extract. Scoop your batter into a hot nonstick pan and top with fruit and maple syrup for a world class gluten free pancake experience. 

A special thanks to Veronica Sage for the beautiful photograph.