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Five Generations of Timeless Textiles: Rana Argenio of 10 Grove

by The Culinistas

To celebrate the launch of our e-commerce shop, each week we’re highlighting one of the artists, makers, chefs, and farmers we’ve collaborated with. This week, we sat down with Rana Argenio, a fifth generation textile producer and founder of 10 Grove. 10 Grove is known for luxury kitchen and home linens made from fine Italian fabrics and sewn domestically in Texas. With timeless colorways and a silky feel, their products instantly become sumptuous accents of the home. 

Our Kitchen Linens come in our favorite navy blue with a strip of Culinistas green; use them as a dining napkin, to hang on the oven bar, or to spruce up your tablescape around a casserole dish. Looking for an elegant apron silhouette? Our Half Apron provides just that and is ideal for moving seamlessly from kitchen to table.

A bit about Rana and 10 Grove:

How long have you been in business?

10 Grove has been around for almost a year, but linens are far from new to me. My family has been crafting bespoke, luxury textiles for 5 generations, so I was basically born into the industry. I founded 10 Grove last year to make that same bespoke craftsmanship and quality more accessible to a broader audience.

What’s your business one liner?

Old school craftsmanship, with a new world sensibility

Three words to describe your brand?

Timeless | Classic designs you can enjoy year after year
Comfort | It’s your home, and comfort should always come first
Honest | Transparency in everything we do, from the quality, to how it’s made, and ultimately, how it makes its way to you

Three people you’d like to have dinner with?

Oscar Niemeyer, Joel Robuchon, John Lennon

Ideal dinner menu?

I’m Persian by origin, so I love doing family style dinners, where you get to have a little bit of everything, and go back for seconds (and thirds!) of your favorites. I like to cook simply, with lots of fresh ingredients, particularly vegetables.
First of all, I always have a lot of snacks and bites on the table, whether that’s nuts, dried fruits, crudite + dips or a cheese board. I like to start off a meal with something refreshing and slightly savory, such as Gazpacho in the summer or a light Velouté in the winter. Then, I love to have lots of veggies, including a light herb salad, flavorful roasted vegetables (brussel sprouts, cauliflower and beets are my favorites), and a savory salad, which usually includes some combination of lentils, chickpeas and corn. If I want to add a grain, I usually opt for couscous. For the main, I love a simply grilled or roasted protein, whether it be shrimp, salmon, chicken or steak. Lastly, I’m personally not huge on desserts, as I’m more a fan of savory than sweet, but I’ll opt for fresh fruit and maybe some gelato + ice cream.

What culinary staples do you always have in your kitchen?

Olive Oil | my Italian husband won’t eat anything without it
Saffron | I cook a lot of Persian-inspired dishes
Herbs + Spices | I love building depth of flavor
Limes | I think all food can use a bit of acidity, whether it be the zest or juice
Yoghurt | Amazing for marinades, sauces or just on its own

What’s on tap for 2020?
Since mid-March order to keep our Texas-based artisans fully employed, we have turned all excess capacity to producing washable, cotton face masks for local Texas hospitals + shelters. Last week, we sent out over 1,500 custom-sized masks to local Houston hospitals for their children’s ward (as these sizes are not available from mass producers). This summer and fall, we’re excited to be introducing new product categories (bath + table!), with the same made-to-order, sustainable approach, we’re also working on a unique, limited time bedding partnership. We’re so excited, so stay tuned!

A special thanks to Rana Argenio for the beautiful photograph.