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The Poetry of Fragrance: Rami Mekdachi of Lola James Harper

by The Culinistas

To celebrate the launch of our e-commerce shop, each week we’re highlighting one of the artists, makers, chefs, and farmers we’ve collaborated with. This week, we spoke to Rami, co-founder of Lola James Harper, a holistic art and lifestyle brand that spans from fragrance to film. Rami’s background is in creative direction and fragrance, his inspiration for LJH candles are places he’s visited around the world including vinyl shops, galleries, homes, movie theaters, and fairs. Each candle is artisanally produced in France from a mix of mineral, sunflower, and coco wax with a cotton wick.

The Culinistas Studio Candle is inspired by our studio space and works in every room of the house. It has hints of cardamom, carrot, and rose; it evokes the warmth of strolling through a rose garden in September to meet your loved ones for a late lunch al fresco.

A bit about Rami & Lola James Harper:

How long have you been in business?
23 years

What’s your business one liner?
Gathering scents, pictures and philosophy of amazing and inspiring places around the world.

Three words to describe your brand?
Scents, songs and photography to make people dream

Three people you’d like to have dinner with?
Bob Marley, Dali Lama, Coco Chanel

Ideal dinner menu?
Mezze of food from all over the world

What culinary staples do you always have in your kitchen?
My son Noé; he is the cook in the family.

What’s on tap for 2020?
A year of movie festivals sharing our feature film WITH. We premiered in London and Hollywood and the next stop is Nice, France. It will be 2 years of festivals. Our pictures will be displayed around the world at places such as La Samaritaine in Paris with an 100sqm expo this fall, at the Node Hotel in Kyoto and MacArthur Place in Sonoma. We are launching our seventh Eau de Toilette “Here and Now” and continue our collaboration scents with friends around the world including you, our dear friends, The Culinistas. We will continue our concerts and music experiences in our Music Dream Studio at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche Paris.

A special thanks to Rami Mekdachi for the beautiful photograph.