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Quarantine Sweetness Cravings

by The Culinistas

When your sweet tooth starts to ache in quarantine, the remedy is rarely to bake an extravagant cake, both for convenience and portioning reasons. Here are a few suggestions for simple, satiating dishes to enjoy at home.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Yes you read that right! We typically think of avocado as having a strong flavor, when in reality it adapts to whatever ingredients you layer it with. Cocoa powder, avocado, and agave make a holy trinity when blended to pudding consistency. Find the recipe here.

Fruit Salad

Is whole fruit sitting on the counter even real fruit? The act of slicing & dicing your fruit makes it way more likely to be pulled out of the fridge. While you’re chopping, why not add some nuts, seeds, and herbs? Check out our fruit salad formula here.

Grilled Fruits

If you have a grill or grill pan handy, create layers of flavor and texture by grilling your fruit and serving it with sorbet, ice cream, or coconut whip. Stone fruit, pineapple, and watermelon all hold up well on the grill. Find a recipe for Grilled Stone Fruit with Sorbet here.


Whether you’re eating a stack as B4D (Breakfast for Dinner),  just one (like a cookie), or turning it into breakfast cereal, pancakes are an easy sweet treat. Make a simple fruit reduction on top like we do with blueberries in our Buckwheat Pancake Recipe, or sprinkle chocolate chips in your batter. While you have the time, maybe try your hand at some pancake art?

Sweet Quick Breads

We’ve been loving our loaf pan recently. It’s brought us carrot walnut loaves, rhubarb quick bread, lemon turmeric teacake, and olive oil loaves. We’ve even been using the infamous no knead bread recipe, making it sweet with dried fruit and warm spices.

Thank you to Sylvie Rosokoff for the beautiful photo.