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All Hail The Holistic with Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender in her garden

by The Culinistas

Tammy Fender has over 25 years of experience in natural skincare and is known to many as a holistic skin guru. While working as an aesthetician, Tammy began her journey into the world of botanicals and plant based remedies. She started treating clients with her own formulas and received fantastic results and responses. She began the Tammy Fender skincare line and spa where she treats clients directly in West Palm Beach. Tammy lives in Florida with her family where she practices yoga and tends to her farm (complete with chickens and honeybee apiaries). We sat with Tammy to discuss her skincare philosophy and her top foods for hydrated, energetic skin.

How long you’ve been in business

For over 25 years.

Business one liner

Holistic skin care formulations inspired by traditional herbalism and the beauty of the plant kingdom

Three words to describe your brand/skin care approach

Holistic. Natural. Pure Living Energy.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with

Ekhart Tolle, because I enjoy his perspective, his sense of humor and I find his voice so soothing; Snatum Kaur, imaging dinner outdoors and a bonfire, breaking into song under a starlit night. And, old friends from my school days, for a long table side night of reminiscing and catching up.

Who’s your skin muse?

My mother has such a simple skincare routine—washing with gentle soap and water, and never any makeup. These days I’m drawn towards creating formulations that multi-task, those that can nourish the skin, like my face serum: Quintessential Serum, which is packed with essential nutrients and is super versatile.  

Culinary staples in your kitchen

Vegetables, herbs and fruit from my garden—everything from kale to lemongrass and turmeric to mangoes and star fruit.

What’s on tap for 2020?

Holistic haircare is next!

Glowing Skin Menu Picks

Spinach Salad with Grilled Apricots (with spinach, apricot, lima bean, queso fresco, pepita, lemon)

Enjoying leafy greens in their natural, raw state is a blessing for body and spirit. Spinach is nutrient dense, full of potent antioxidants that help protect the skin from potential toxins. And from an energetic standpoint, foods like spinach and kale can tremendously boost the body’s life force, especially when prepared by loving hands. 

Shaved Broccoli Salad (with kohlrabi, broccoli, orange, cashew, chive, lemon)

I love the creativity lavished on this dish, which showcases vitamin-rich broccoli. Broccoli, orange and lemon are all bursting with vitamin C, an antioxidant which gives skin a protective boost. And serving all of these beautiful fruits and vegetables raw optimizes their energetic potential. 

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Patties (with sweet potato, broccoli, garbanzo bean, cilantro, whole wheat flour)

My love of sweet potato runs deep! One of the most healthy, vitamin-charged vegetables on the planet, sweet potatoes are wonderfully dense with antioxidants, which can help protect the skin from environmental damage and encourage rapid healing. 

Walnut Pesto Sweet Potatoes (with sweet potato, parsley, walnut, lemon)

Walnuts are an incomparable source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which can stimulate repair and support underlying skin structure and strength. Parsley, too, offers great benefits as a detoxifier, and by helping skin come into balance. I love this combination, the nutty and herbal flavors are irresistible. 

So-Cal Citrus (with oranges, grapefruit, kumquat, pomegranate, walnut, basil, sumac)

A great celebration of citrus in all its shapes, sizes and colors. What could be prettier—and with so many benefits to the skin, with plenty of antioxidants. I also love the inventive addition of sumac, which is known as an anti-inflammatory.

Honeydew & Kiwi (with honeydew, kiwi, green grape, mint, pepita, sumac)

There is something so soothing about melon. It perfectly rehydrates the body and replenishes the skin, while kiwi supplies a burst of vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin E, which both help nourish and protect the skin and taste amazing. 

Thank you to Tammy Fender for providing the beautiful photo.