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All That Glitters is Golde with Trinity Mouzon Wofford

by The Culinistas

As you know, glowing from the inside out starts with the foods (and bevs!) you put in your body, which is why we suggest you get your hands on some Golde products. Trinity Mouzon Wofford started the brand in 2017 with superfood latte blends to make your mornings just as antioxidant packed as they are delicious. From matcha for energy and chlorophyll to turmeric for gut health and an immunity boost, the blends are to the point with a focus on organic ingredients. Plus, Golde runs the gamut from drinks to skincare so you can maximize your glow quotient from the inside and outside. We sat with Trinity to discuss favorite skin superfoods, culinary staples, and Golde’s philosophy on wellness.

How long you’ve been in business

3 years

Describe your brand/skin care approach

Golde makes superfood health and beauty, for everybody.

Three words to describe your skincare philosophy?

Feel-good, accessible and fun

Three people you’d like to have dinner with

Barack Obama, Joan Didion, Robert DeNiro

Who’s your skin muse?

Tracee Ellis Ross is always glowing

Culinary staples in your kitchen

Tahini, dry lemon zest, good olive oil

What’s on tap for 2020? 

In 2020 we’re really doubling down on connecting with our community and letting that set the tone of the brand. That means lots of virtual events, and some new products inspired by what our customers have been asking for.

Glowing Skin Menu Picks

Morning Glory Bread (with carrot, zucchini, banana, flax seed, sunflower seed, rolled oat, coconut sugar, apple cider vinegar, cardamom)

This bread has all of my favorite things. Coconut sugar is a great sweetener because it’s low glycemic, so it won’t trigger a sugar rush. It’s also got the loveliest warm caramel flavor.

Romesco Dip with Sourdough & Crudités (with carrot, red pepper, hazelnut, sherry vin, sourdough bread)

I’m here for anything sourdough. The fermentation process makes it way easier on your digestion. Yes, you can have bread!

Poached Salmon & Spring Peas (with wild salmon, spring pea, shallot, crushed red pepper, lemon)

Salmon is an amazing source of vitamin D and essential fats. It can do wonders for your hair and skin. I’ve also been putting peas on everything lately because they just taste like Spring!

Walnut Pesto Sweet Potatoes (with sweet potato, parsley, walnut, lemon)

Pesto is amazing because you’re getting your greens in sauce form. Sweet potatoes are an amazing beauty food because they’re packed with beta carotene, aka nature’s retinol.

Shishito Peppers (with shishito pepper, peppadew pepper, lime)  

My partner is from Japan so shishito peppers are a must when in season. I love them blistered with a good sprinkle of flaky sea salt, one of my favorite snacks.

Meyer Lemon Tart (with meyer lemon, black berry, rice flour, agave, egg, butter, sumac)

I love any lemon dessert. Since this one has rice flour and agave, it’s a healthy alternative to traditionally over processed sweets that can cause breakouts or indigestion.

Thank you to Trinity Mouzon Wofford for providing the beautiful photo.