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This Grilled Cabbage Caesar Completes Your Labor Day Menu

Grilled Cabbage Caesar Salad

by The Culinistas

Before the air begins to chill and we retreat back inside, be sure to give your grill some extra love. Our spin on the classic caesar salad calls for charred cabbage and a yogurt based dressing, while still drawing on traditional elements like anchovy, garlic, and plenty of lemon. When cooking for a large party & multiplying the recipe, buy a colorful mix of green & purple cabbage to add visual appeal to the dish. Serve alongside grilled chicken, salmon, and pasta salad for a Labor Day feast that nods to summer before bidding it farewell.

Cabbage Caesar Salad

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 10 mins

Serves 4 to 6

1 small cabbage, cut into wedges
¼ cup olive oil, divided
½ tsp cayenne
½ tsp onion powder
1 cup whole milk Greek yogurt
1 TB anchovy fillets, minced
1 clove garlic, minced
¼ cup tarragon, minced, plus more for garnish
2 TB lemon juice
2 tsp lemon zest
Salt & freshly ground pepper, to taste
Lemon peel, julienned for garnish

1 .Prepare a grill for high heat.

2. Toss cabbage with 2 TB olive oil, cayenne, onion powder, salt & pepper. Grill cabbage until charred & tender, 10-12 mins. Cool slightly & chop into 1 inch pieces.

3. Make the dressing: In a small bowl, mix remaining 2 TB oil, yogurt, anchovy, garlic, tarragon, lemon juice & zest. Season with salt & pepper.

4. Spoon the sauce on a serving platter & arrange the grilled cabbage on top. Garnish with tarragon & julienned lemon peel.

Chef Tips


– Cabbage flavor benefits from char, but it should still have a slight crunch so apply high heat.

Extra Ingredient: 

– Leftover anchovies are great on toast with a little butter & used in pasta dishes minced & sautéed with onion as a base for most sauces.

A special thanks to Veronica Sage for the beautiful photograph.