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Mindfulness and Sleep Rituals with Jenn Tardif of 3rd Ritual

by The Culinistas

A good night’s sleep is key to maintaining a sharp, focused mind. Jenn Tardif is the founder of 3rd Ritual, creator of mindful objects, aromatherapeutic blends, and thoughtful content to cultivate a more connected and mystical way of life. 3rd Rituals philosophy? Simple routines inspire sacred experiences. We sat down with Jenn Tardif to talk about mindfulness, nightly rituals, and meditative practices that will help you catch those z’s. 

What ritual do you have that helps you get or stay focused in under five minutes?

Pranayama! Breath work is a powerful tool for transforming your mental, emotional, and physical state. It’s alchemical and ever present. When it comes to re-focusing and centering, my tried and true technique is sama vritti (Sama is Sanskrit for equal) meaning equal parts breath i.e. inhale for four, hold the breath in for four, exhale for four, hold the breath out for four, and repeat. 

What helps you calm an anxious mind?

My go to blend as of late is Earth. I apply it to my hands, feet, and temples before bed. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, late summer is recognized as its own season represented by the earth element, a major source of inspiration for this rich, aromatherapeutic cream. We set out to capture the grounding aroma of a forest floor, carried by a nourishing blend that would inspire the simple but sacred act of self-massage. In the subtle body, the hands are an extension of the heart so when we tend to the soils of our own skin, we embody self love by assuming the role of both giver and receiver. This always helps me come back to the moment, to my body, and my breath which is one of the greatest antidotes to an anxious mind.   

What is your ideal focused environment?

Quiet! I am very sensitive to noise so have a lot of trouble working and writing without my trusty Bose noise canceling headphones.  

Three people whose brains you envy?

Hmm…I feel like there’s an inextricable link between envy and resentment, so I don’t think I envy anyone’s brain. It’d be fun to be Neil deGrasse Tyson for a day, but ultimately I’ve learned to love all the intricacies, oddities, and limitations of my own mind. 

Recipe for the perfect night’s sleep?

  1. Lower the shades and the lights and put your phone on night mode…ideally in a drawer or another room.  
  2. Light the BEL and sit for meditation. Remember, even five minutes of stillness can do wonders for your nervous system.
  3. Journal. I find it helpful to focus on all that you have instead of all that you hope to achieve, especially if the goal is a good night’s sleep. Helpful prompts include: what are you grateful for? Who makes you feel loved? Where do you feel safe?
  4. Gently apply Moon (our most ethereal blend that has been dubbed, “the dreamiest night perfume”), and practice a few rounds of palm inhalation. 
  5. Read poetry or prose (I highly recommend Naomi Shihab Nye, David Whyte, and Hafiz) until you fall asleep.

What have you forgotten that you’ve been trying to remember?

How to find my way without a map.  

What’s on tap for 2020?

Once it no longer became safe to gather, we put a halt on our in-person workshops and enlisted the help of our global collective to create our first ever recorded offering: a retreat in podcast form.  The 3rd Ritual Retreat blends pragmatic discourse with esoteric practices. Featuring teachers from around the world, the episodes are short, sacred, and best enjoyed sequentially.

Please select six items from our Feed Your Brain menu and tell us why.

As mentioned above, in TCM late summer is its own season, represented by the Earth element and tied to the harvest of summer. From a nutritional standpoint, that makes late August through the autumnal equinox an ideal time to favor fresh fruits and vegetables, nourishing broths, nuts, and seeds, which you’ll find reflected in my selections below. 

Cucumber Avocado Soup (with persian cucumber, avocado, basil, chive, lemon)

Edamame Dip with Radishes (with soy bean, basil, rice wine vinegar, lime, radish)

Spinach & Beet Salad (with spinach, beet, dried apricot, queso fresco, pepita)

Root Vegetable Pilaf (with brown rice, garbanzo bean, parsnip, carrot, almond, lemon)

Tahini Roasted Cauliflower (with cauliflower, sesame seed, golden raisin, chive, thyme, lemon)

French Lentil Salad (with lentil, swiss chard, red onion, walnut)

A special thanks to Maya Moverman for the beautiful photograph.